Thursday, December 22, 2011

Burning the Candle at Both Ends

Well...better late than never I suppose. I didn't get to the post last night, but I'm getting it out there as early this morning as I can.'s where I throw out a sad excuse and then give you a moderate update (i.e. not as impressive as I had hoped for).

I was moving along right on track until about 2 days ago. I have some as yet unknown autoimmune disorder (the doc is hypothesizing rheumatoid arthritis, but the actual diagnosis process begins with the rheumatologist next month) that has been a small thorn in my side for the last six months. I have been managing it with ibuprofen and my tough pain tolerance. (If you know me at all you know that this last part is a serious lie. I have no tolerance to pain. It's been annoying the crap out of me.) But a few days ago it started flaring up with a vengeance. To summarize it quickly, I get serious pain in my joints and nerve pain in my extremities.

I had a minor slow down on Tuesday, but still managed to finish almost everything I had slated for the day. Yesterday the pain was out of control to the point that I accomplished very little. That, combined with some fairly decent sleep deprivation, led to a minor freakout and meltdown. But it's all good now. I strongly medicated myself last night and the pain is back down to a tolerable level thus far today. I can still get everything done on time, it's just going to be slightly later than I had planned.

As of Monday I had estimated that I would be completely finished by tomorrow, late afternoon. It's now looking like it will be late tomorrow night. But hey...I still consider finishing before Christmas Eve a rousing success. Heck - I figure finishing before Christmas morning to be a success!

I currently have 4 remaining projects. They are all in progress to some degree. One is barely started and has another four hours or so to go. Two of them are nearly finished. (They are the ones I had originally planned to have completed last night.) Since I'm finishing work at about 3pm today and undertaking them first, I should be able to have them finished around 9pm tonight.

The big project for Emily is well underway. I have completed the first three stages of construction. Based on what I have left to do, I'm estimating another 8-10 hours on that project. I'm planning on finishing the next stage of that one tonight. Tomorrow morning it's a moderately early start (I'm in desperate need of a small sleep in) and then the push to the finish. I will have 6ish hours left on Emily's project plus the 4 hours of the final project. So...10pm is my goal. We'll see what happens. Now that we are down to the wire, I will be posting as I finish each project.

The first set of presents were opened last night. With Owen & Patti taking off out of town this weekend, they were the first to go. So Dar & I rolled over to their house last night for some QuikWok and gift giving. Hopefully they like their presents - they seemed to. Miss K seems to be pretty happy about one of her three gifts. (FYI - this being vague thing is killing me, but I don't want to give away anything just yet.) They gave us a fantastic bottle of wine that I'm planning on destroying when all of this is over. I'll consider sharing it with Collin...maybe...

I have been taking pictures as I've been finishing projects. I will probably have to make another couple of projects in January & February for the tutorials since I failed to take pics as I went, but I'm fairly stocked up on materials to get those done. Right now I'm looking at a total of at least 5 tutorials in the making. I'm super happy about that. Hopefully I can manage to make some semblance of sense for them.

So there you go...update as promised (sort of). With any luck I'll be back this evening. Fingers crossed.


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