Sunday, November 6, 2011

Summary Sunday - Frostbite Edition

Okay...what happened to fall? Seriously. I think we got about five days of it here before winter decided to rear its ugly head. We actually had snow not once, but twice this week. Thank goodness none of it stuck. In the most recent small flurry, I had the joy of running out barefoot to call the dogs after they busted out of the backyard and hightailed it down the street. My toes may have finally thawed back out.

Now, just because the cold weather is here that doesn't mean that we can skip right to Christmas. Can I have maybe a few days to enjoy November? Last night I was watching TV and saw that The Grinch Who Stole Christmas was on. On November 5th! Let's show a little more restraint. Also, Sprint, with your little "Walkin' in a 4G Wonderland"...two things. One, stop it. Too soon. Second, maybe you should listen to your commercials before you put them on the air. Both Collin and I agree that it sounds like they're saying "walkin' in an orgy wonderland". Maybe not quite what you were going for...

Anyway, I'm taking a little break from photo editing right now to write this post. I'm attempting to get all of my pictures together so that I can go take advantage of Snapfish's photo deal. The special ends today, but if you use the code spooky300 you can get 300 prints for $3. The code spooky100 will get you 100 prints for $1. Since I haven't printed pictures in over a year (I know, I'm shocked too), I decided that I should get on this.

We started the week out with prep for Halloween and did some pretty awesome pumpkin wrangling if I do say so myself. My brother put the pics of our pumpkins out on Reddit and I got an amazing near 750 views in one day. Wow.

I put out a sign on Halloween night to try and keep kids from messing with the pumpkins, but it became apparent that some people just don't Collin and I ended up dishing out candy from our front step. It was a fun night and Darian had a great time going as Finn from Adventure Time. He was pretty entertained that the teenagers thought his costume was cool.

I spent half of my week with a migraine, which really slowed down the progress on the projects for Miss M's birthday. I did end up finishing everything up on time though and her birthday party was really fun. I'll be sharing the projects that I made for her next week...but here's a photo of the adorable birthday girl.

This morning, I spent four and a half hours baking and pureeing pumpkins. I learned very quickly that I'm going to need to buy more tupperware to finish this project. I finished up the scrap bin from carving, five mini-pumpkins and one regular sized pumpkin and ended up with thirty cups of puree. Crazy. So...if anyone is in my area and wants to puree some of their own, let me know. I have a few pumpkins that I can give away. It won't hurt my feelings. I'll even teach you how to do it in this Wednesday's blog post.

Now...the rest of the wrap up...

Recipes I Used : It was a busy week so we did a lot of quick and easy meals. I didn't do anything really fancy. The most gourmet we went this week is the chicken and mushroom roma alfredo I made on Wednesday. So nothing new to really share on that front. Sorry.

Books I Finished : Holy cow, believe it or not I finally finished Mercy by Jodi Picoult. That poor book. I will tell you that I really liked it. If the projects hadn't gotten in the way, I'm pretty sure I would've finished it in two days, tops. Now I've started reading The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. We'll see how far I get on it tonight. Patti says it's a quick read, so maybe I'll get a little caught up on my reading this week.

Projects I Finished & Posts I Posted : We pretty much covered that already, with the exception of my post on how Darian learned some of his spending habits from Subway.

Favorite Post of the Week : I've spent a good chunk of my downtime trying to get caught up on blog reading this week. I started out with nearly 250 posts to read and I'm proud to say that I've gotten it down to under 100. Whew. Out of the 150 that I have already finished, my favorite would have to be Paige Kellerman's letter to Kim Kardashian over at There's More Where That Came From. As with so many readers this week, I took a moment to revel over the collapse of Kim's seventy-two day marriage.

I didn't really do any other internet surfing this's just sad really. So no fun links for you today. I'll work on it.

But in the meantime, I'm headed back to the photo editing so I can go get my bang up deal over at Snapfish. I'll be back tomorrow with instructions on how I made Miss M's birthday hat.

Oh, and P.S. : Crazy neighbor is still MIA. We're growing increasingly curious.


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