Friday, June 5, 2009

The Second Mom

It's been a very busy month for us. Darian finished first grade, Collin has been working extra shifts, and I've been keeping busy between work and home. The graduation party went destruction done. We took a week to recuperate and then it was right back into the mix.

Darian left this morning for a weekend with his mom followed by 4-H camp with Grandma & Dad and then he'll be staying with Collin's mom for another week and a half. It will be very quiet here without him. To some extent that will be nice, but he keeps things entertaining around here. I'm sure we'll be very glad when he's home.

Hard to believe that this is where we are now. I don't think I would've ever foreseen this three years ago. We've all changed so much. I still have my hesitations now and then about my ability to parent and whether or not I want children of my own, but Darian helps me to feel that I can do it, a little bit at a time.

And now it's all about to get more interesting. Last night, Collin proposed. I, of course, said yes. It's really a little unnerving. Even though I love him more than anything it is going to make for a whole new world. I was worried how Darian would deal with the news. I shouldn't have worried. Collin had discussed the situation with him before asking me. When he asked Darian if he thought that we should get married, Darian initially seemed quite sad and said "No." When questioned about it by Collin, it turned out that he thought that if we got married it would mean that his mom would go away and I would replace her. Poor kid. Once Collin explained that he wouldn't lose his mom, he would just in a way get a second mom, Darian was super excited. He's a really cute kid.

So what did he say when I called to tell our friends that we were engaged? "Tell Patti that I have two moms now." Awww...


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