Saturday, October 21, 2006

Welcome Back Reality

Whoa...Vegas. That town is just a bit too much. Nearly took it all out of me. The week was quite interesting...I'll give you that. Without crossing the lines of "What Happens in Vegas...", I'll relay some of my crazy week.

As I said the other day, J and I have been a bit on the rocks. In fact, other than a short texting tirade between the two of us (which ended in my telling him to go to hell) we hadn't spoken again until today. Bit awkward really. Strained for sure... Our relationship is certainly altered, and not all just due to J or the altercation the other evening.

So I was hanging out in Vegas and starting to get bored with the whole sin city scene until later in the evening on Tuesday night. My best friend Kari and I (she is also my employee and came with me along with the rest of the staff for convention) decided to go out on the town. So, I pulled on my new "sexy jeans" and we headed for the casino. We wound up in Coyote Ugly in New York, New York. Fast forward through an hour of wasted life and $10. Complete boring.

Next we played slots for a bit and then wandered over to the Bar at Times Square. I had decided over the weekend that I needed to loosen up a bit, so I had been having a few drinks here and there. I bought myself a Sex on the Beach (my 2nd drink of the night & my personal all-time favorite) and we sat near the indoor stream while we listened to the music from the piano bar. If you've never been to Vegas, the dueling pianos at the bar are awesome...something certainly not to miss.

As we sat there and I proceeded to get myself slightly buzzed, a guy walked up and sat next to Kari. He proceeded to ask her if she thought two guys next to the bar were sexy. Well...Kari quickly told him that she was married, but offered me up to be judge.

I rated one quickly as a yes and then told him (we'll say G - you know you love the anonymity) that I couldn't see the other guy very well because his back was to me. G promptly walked over and had the other, who turned out to be his brother, turn around. Following him back, I felt a bit on the spot when it came time to rate the guy in the gray shirt. Fortunately, I found him attractive so gave the retort, "yes...I think he'll do". Turns out gray shirt was A. He's a bit younger than me...though not much...and a firefighter. Great body.

Kari hung out with us for a bit longer, but as A and I kept chatting she got more comfortable and decided that we should be left alone. Skip forward to me spending parts of the next 2 1/2 days with A and losing out on many hours of sleep.

I skipped a lot of the classes I had planned and goofed around, caught a nap here and there and had a good time. We (my staff & I) went and saw Phantom of the Opera at the Venetian and had a wonderful time. I shopped and bought some nice clothes, ate some good food, and drank a bit of drink...a bit too much on Wednesday afternoon...but not too much to make me sick or pass out.

It was a lot of was a lot of Vegas. I'm back home. It feels weird to be back to normal life after such a nutty seven days. Now I'm back to all the chaos that is my life. I have to contact T about signing the divorce papers next week...and I'll find out if he's going to fight things. Seems he was contacting a lawyer while I was off in Vegas. Hopefully, it will all go smoothly and we can part without too much hostility. After that...who knows. The social life is a mess right now, but not much I can do about it. Trying to go with the flow I guess. We'll see.


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