Tuesday, September 3, 2019

September TBR and Hogwarts House Battles

Happy September, everyone!

Since things went so well with last month's Harry Potter themed read-a-thon, I decided to go ahead and jump in on a second on for this month. This month, I'll be taking part in the Hogwarts House Battles, hosted by Katie of BookMarked.

For this read-a-thon, there are challenges for each of fifteen Hogwarts subjects. To complete each course, you must read a book that fits the prompt for that course. Participants are sorted by house and then will earn points toward their respective house with each book completed as well as points for the number of pages read.

For additional points, participants can complete the House books and can complete the weekly challenges (one hosted by each house).

House Group Books
Read House Title Author

Ravenclaw House of Salt and Sorrows Erin A. Craig

Slytherin Wilder Girls Rory Power

Griffindor With the Fire on High Elizabeth Acevedo

Hufflepuff The Revolution of Birdie Randolph Brandy Colbert

I am a Ravenclaw, so of course the only house book I can't seem to locate to get my hands on to borrow is House of Salt and Sorrows. This has started me off with a bit of frustration, but I'm going to attempt to read Wilder Girls and With the Fire on High to at least snag some of the group book points.

As for the class challenges, you can use the group books as part of them and you can use one book for multiple challenges. But we all know that Ravenclaws are notorious overachievers, so I have set my TBR for one book per challenge. We'll see how many I can accomplish this way. If all else fails, some of my books would qualify for more than one challenge in a pinch.

Along with the house books, I'm squeezing in my book club read for the month and the ARCs I have on my list to finish reading for September. I've tracked down a few audio books to meet some of the challenges and do potentially have some "on deck" to substitute in should I finish the three I currently have planned.

HHB Class Challenges
Read Course Challenge Requirement Title Author

Alchemy New Forms Read a recommendation from a friend The Beginner’s Goodbye Anne Tyler

Ancient Runes Ancients Read a classic novel Sense and Sensibility (audio) Jane Austen

Apparition Teleportation Only read this book in public An Ocean of Minutes Thea Lim

Arithmancy Numbers Read a book with a number in the title The Ten Thousand Doors of January Alix E. Harrow

Astronomy Reading Under the Stars Only read this book at night Trapeze Leigh Ansell

Care of MC The Beasts Read a book with an animal on the cover Maternal Instinct Rebecca Bowyer

Charms Something New and Unexpected Read a new-to-you book This Tender Land William Kent Krueger

Defence DA Can’t Last Read a book you previously put down All the Light We Cannot See (audio) Anthony Doerr

Divination The Future Read a predicted 5-star read With the Fire on High Elizebeth Acevedo

Flying Fly High Read your most anticipated book The Memory Thief Lauren Mansy

Herbology Caring Read a book that means a lot to you Talking as Fast as I Can Lauren Graham

Hx of Magic Historical Read a book from another generation Murder on the Orient Express (Audio) Agatha Christie

Muggle Studies Blending In Read a hyped book Wilder Girls Rory Power

Potions Mixing Read a genre you wouldn’t usually pick up Conclusion Peter Robertson

Transfiguration Change Read the last book you bought Wild Beauty Anna-Marie McLemore

And...as if that weren't enough...I also have a small pile of extraneous and backup books. This includes an early October ARC I couldn't fit into any other categories not already occupied by an ARC, a book I have from the library that I didn't get in time for NEWTs, a book to qualify for the 5-Star Love Read-a-Thon later this month, and a book I need to finish for my current round of the Deal Me In Challenge.

 I am nothing if not a constant ball of reading crazy.

So...here's to September! Let's see how far I can get down this pile of nineteen reads!


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