Sunday, October 1, 2017

Currently: October 1, 2017


It's definitely fall around here. The weather has turned distinctly cooler. The leaves are falling and the sky is growing a little darker. It's been windy and rainy for the last couple of days...perfect lounging and reading weather.


I started out not really sure that this one was going to work for me, but I'm really quite enjoying it. I rather like the structure of the show, it's just quirky and intriguing.


I finished the second and third books in the Miss Peregrine trilogy by Ransom Riggs: Hollow City and Library of Souls. That makes three books completed for the RIP XII Challenge.

They were both fantastic reads. I stayed up waaaaaay too late in order to finish Library of Souls. was totally worth it.

And now, I'm starting something totally different.

I've received The Lauras by Sara Taylor from the publisher. I read Taylor's debut novel, The Shore back in 2015. Her writing was beautiful and magical. And while I had issues with her plot structure, I am still very much excited to see what she has come up with now.


Nothing. Other than some radio station roulette while I was driving during the week, I didn't listen to anything. This may be a category I only use when I actually do listen to something.


I am considering trying something a bit new once I finish with the garden. I've been reading a lot of blogs this week and am thinking about trying my hand at making soap. It may be a crazy idea, but I figure it's worth a shot. At worst, I have some less than pretty soap to use at home. At best, I have something new to use as gifts and farmers' market sales.


Okay...first of all, how cute is this kid? He's the freaking best.

This week, I'm pulling tail ends of the garden. I finished off a total of nine bags of freezer slaw. The pigs wound up getting a nice little snack of the remaining cabbage since I had nothing else I wanted to do with them. There are still a few smaller heads out there, so I may end up doing a little something...maybe some boiled cabbage puree for the kiddo.

I pulled the Brussels sprouts stalks and should have enough for about four more bags. I also learned that pigs really like Brussels sprouts. In addition, I got myself some kohlrabi, a few carrots, and the four pumpkins you see in the picture above. Canning season is finally winding down and my checklist is getting smaller. Thank goodness.


Gary brought home a cold last week so both B and I managed to get sick for a couple of days. Good times. I was exhausted and had a major headache for a couple of days and The Boy was not at all himself, but we both seem to be on the mend now.

I'm getting a little excited for my trip back to Idaho next week, but I'm also a bit apprehensive. I'm hoping that The Boy does well on our flights. He's older than he was last time we flew and (while he's typically a great traveler) his schedule is a bit more complex. I'm hoping that he adapts well and we don't have any serious meltdowns. It's also going to be difficult to be away from Gary for so long.


I need more hours in a day. Seriously. It seems that time goes by so quickly. It seems like I have a million things to do and I just spin all day long, getting things done that weren't on the original list. I guess at least I'm accomplishing something?


Our new carpet! The basement replacement carpet is so much nicer than the old stuff. It's softer and warmer. Maybe it's just that it's new, but I'm really pleased with it. The color is a bit different, so we will need to do some adjusting with decorating to make everything blend, but it should work out really well. For as much of a headache as it has been getting something situated, I am glad it's all settled.


I'm going to finish up my basket of produce on the doorstep and then I need to make some applesauce. Then there's some odds and ends to puree for The Boy. Once canning season is officially wrapped up, it's time for my next project...the bathroom.

I'll be peeling off the remaining wallpaper and getting started on painting. I need to start looking for light fixtures to see if I can move the side lights to the top of the mirror. I'm also planning on framing the mirror to give it a bit more pop. I'm also looking to add a cabinet above the toilet for some towel storage. Pieces and parts... I'm trying to get as much set before we put flooring in. I'll likely get a little bit done this week, but the majority will probably have to wait until I get back from being out of town. It might be a busy week.

What about you? What does your "Currently" look like?


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