Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Bout of Books 20: Update 1

Day 1 of Bout of Books is...well...in the books and we're half way through Day 2. So far, so good on this front. I managed to get in just over an hour of reading yesterday. I spent this morning canning the plethora of beans from the garden, but did squeak in almost and hour and a half so far today.

Last night was the first Twitter chat and it was a blast as usual. I am still always stunned at how fast it goes. I was able to plant myself on the couch and enjoy the chat in full while Gary took over the responsibility for both dinner and the boy. He even delivered wine and chocolate to me on the couch. He's fantastic. 

As usual, I found a new handful of book bloggers to follow on Twitter and a couple of new blogs to follow. There were not as many books added to the TBR as usual, but I have a feeling that the questions at the next chat may lend me to find a larger accumulation.

It's really nice to be back reading. Finding a comfortable schedule for my day is still being adjusted and tweaked, especially since I've spent the last 6 weeks hindered by the cast on my right foot. I'm very much looking forward to its removal on Thursday and the increased mobility and efficiency that will allow. While I enjoy hanging out on the couch, it has not been ideal to getting things done during the day.

Adding daily reading into the routine has gone pretty well so far. Hopefully, I can still keep a small section of time for it on a regular basis.

As far as the read-a-thon goes, here's the current progress:

Currently Reading:

Completed Books:

This one got a 4-star review and surprised me a bit. It wasn't what I was initially expecting, but it turned out quite well. It's definitely one to recommend.

Completed Books with Brecken:

Overall Stats:

The checkmarks are accumulating. We're looking pretty good and I'm pleased with the progress so far. I love watching the little boxes fill up!

Are you joining in for Bout of Books? If you read at all it's for you! Trust me...this is one of the best around. A lot of fun participants and a no-pressure read-a-thon that embraces readers of all kinds.

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