Saturday, June 13, 2015

Bloggiesta Day 1: The Beginning.

It's Bloggiesta time! I'm hard at work attacking the blog and cleaning up things behind the scenes. I'm working on a lot of organization this time, trying to make it easier for me to write posts and finish projects to share on the blog.

Since this is a mini-Bloggiesta, I'll be doing a few midway posts to keep things updated and share what I'm working on. Right now, we're technically about 3 hours in on Bloggiesta. I've already tackled a couple of items on the list.

1. Update reading challenge pages.

2. Update bucket list challenge pages.

3. Participate in Saturday's Sunday's Twitter Chat. (I really need to read more carefully.)

4. Redesign blog planner.

5. Sort through Goodreads emails and update TBR.

6. Create TBR jar.

7. Create project jar.

8. Create blog post idea jar.

9. Write Top Ten Tuesday posts for June/July/August (at least some...).

10. Visit other Bloggiesta bloggers and comment. Be social!!

Yup...steps 1 and 2 are complete! The Twitter Chat is at 1pm my time tomorrow, so I'm planning on having at least one more step completed by early afternoon. I'm hoping to share the blog planner redesign tomorrow evening and then the jars for steps 6-8 on Sunday night. Fingers crossed that I can keep on completing tasks successfully!!

How's your Bloggiesta going?


  1. I need to keep an eye out for one of these in the future because I've been slowly working to reorganise my blog.

    Good luck with yours. :-)

    1. They are super helpful for getting yourself motivated. Plus...I like to get ideas from other bloggers so it's really handy!

  2. Looks like you've made some great progress! Congrats!

    1. Thank Jenni! Now I just need to keep it up through tomorrow.


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