Monday, May 18, 2015

Bout of Books 13: Wrap Up Post

Bout of Books 13 is all done. I got a great batch of reading done and I'm actually making progress towards catching up on my woefully behind Goodreads goal for 2015.

I finished reading City of Heavenly Fire, so I'm pretty stoked about that. It was a good read, but Cassandra Clare is a master at setting up her next series. It became pretty obvious about 1/4 of the way through this one that there needed to be another book. Sure enough, the first book in her next series should be released early next year. Now the question becomes, do I read the first book when it comes out (like I accidentally did both The Infernal Devices and The Mortal Instruments series) and then suffer trying to be patient while I wait for the other two or do I just hold my breath until 2018 when they will hopefully all be released and available for me to read in one fell swoop? Decisions, decisions.

I'm sure those of you who hang out around here on occasion figured out that Darian totally ditched me on this readathon. He has become preoccupied with his tablet and the PS4 video game he bought with a gift card he received from his orthodontist. He's almost 13...this is what we have to look forward to. I'm pretty sure my reading buddy isn't going to be hanging out with me for these things anymore. Sad, but true. We'll see...maybe I can bribe him with snacks for the next Dewey's or Bout of Books.

Even by myself, with no one to hang out with, I managed to get some reading done. Really I just holed up in the den while Collin played his video games so that I wasn't completely isolated in the house. It was a productive week. Here's where I end up...

Currently Reading :

I'm not sure what I expect from this book. Both a good friend and my sister-in-law rated it kind of meh, but a couple of book bloggers I follow rated it pretty high. We'll see what happens. Thus far I'm not terribly impressed, but I don't feel the urge to ditch the book and move on either. Time will tell...

Minutes Read Yesterday: 110 minutes

Total Time Read: 814 minutes

Goal: 600 minutes

Pages Read Yesterday: 103 pages

Total Pages Read: 822 pages

Goal: 600 pages

Books Finished Yesterday: 1
Total Books Finished: 2

Goal: 3 books

Ultimately, I didn't meet my three book goal for the week, but I did read a 725 page one so I'm totally counting that as good. It also proves to me that without a whole huge amount of time I should be able to finish 2-3 books a week regularly. I just need to make reading a bit more of a priority. An hour before bedtime should do it. Let's see if I stick with that (especially after classes start back up).

Now I'm off to surf the blogs of other Bout of Books participants to see how they did and maybe steal a few books for my TBR. I'll be back around here later this week, though I'm not sure what for yet. I'm flying by the seat of my pants around here for a short while. I suppose if you have anything particular you want to see me post, now's the time to put in your requests!


  1. Well done! 2 books and that many pages is a great week of reading. Like you, I know I can manage to finish at least one book a week, if not more, if I made the time like I did this week.

    I have been getting really frustrated with cliffhanger books and refuse to start a series where all of the books aren't available. When they are spread so far apart, I tend to forget everything I read and that's even more frustrating, because I'm not a re-reader. That's why I'm holding off trying the Throne of Glass series all of my friends keep recommending. Would rather wait until all the books are written! :)

    1. I need a few more read-a-thons to help me catch up on my Goodreads goal. I'm woefully behind this year.

      Cliffhangers with sequels that aren't published are totally the bane of my existence. Usually I wander into them unknowingly. It's totally a bummer when that happens.

  2. Sounds like you're doing well with your reading. :-)

    I hate that dilemma where you have to decide whether to go for a new series or not. It's so frustrating when you find a great book and then realise you've got to wait two years to find out what comes next. Then again, sometimes the anticipation can be half the fun! ;-)

    Cait @ Click's Clan

    1. Ya...I'm guessing I'll just distract myself with other good books from my TBR until the entire series is written. If I read one before the next is published, I sometimes have to go back and reread the prior books in the series to catch up and refresh myself. There is just not enough reading time for that!

  3. I don't read as much as I would like to as I really need to be in an area with no distractions. Then I end up taking a nap 10 minutes into reading. When I do read I enjoy it :) I would count the 725 page book as two books so by my math you met your goal.

    Sean at His and Her Hobbies

    1. I tend to create distractions for myself. I love my iPad, but it is a total time suck. Darn you internet...

  4. Awesome job on your accomplishments for Bout of Books! I still need to read City of Heavenly Fire. I've put it off way too long. Soon, lol. Soon!

    1. Thanks Jenni! I put it off for a quite a while as well. It is definitely worth the read!

  5. I love that you read with your son! My guy is about to turn 14 and he's a reader, too. It's fun when he's the one handing me a book to read :)

    @ShonnaSlayton from
    Shonna Slayton YA Writer - Blogged the 1940’s from A to Z and now on the road trip

    1. I do when he'll participate. Darned kid is getting too old and apparently is more into video games and watching YouTube videos now. Maybe I'll just have to ground him to get him to participate next time... :)

      Thanks for visiting! I'm taking off on the A to Z Road Trip as well!

  6. Sorry this is such a belated comment!

    I'm sorry to hear that Darian has bailed out. :( Do you think he's lost interest in books (or his preferred genre) in general, or is it more him lashing out against activities with his parents? Also, my ortho never gave me gift cards! I'm pouting.

    A 725-page book in a week is a huge feat. I say you nailed this Bout of Books. :)


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