Saturday, April 25, 2015

Dewey's 24 Hour Read-a-Thon: Hours 7-12

Local Time : 6:00 p.m. MST (Saturday)

Minutes Read Since Last Update: 2 hours, 55 minutes
Total Time Spent Reading : 5 hours exactly. That's awfully odd.

Pages Read Since Last Update : 180
Total Pages Read : 292

Books Completed Since Last Update : None, but I'm almost done with Yes Please.
Total Books Finished : None.

Currently Reading :

How I'm Feeling : Pretty darned good. It's been a good day. I'm happy to have a good book to read. 
Snacks Eaten : Oh boy. A lot. I'll just leave a picture here...

I'm planning some Little Debbie Snack Cakes here in just a minute...

Other Things Accomplished : I showered and ate. Relocated to the den to eat and read while the husband plays his online computer game and nerds out. I have some real clothes on, but still maintaining the yoga pants for the duration. (As a side note, these yoga pants are completely unfamiliar with yoga. They've never been introduced. It will probably stay that way.) enjoy a short social media break before returning to my read...


  1. Heh. My yoga pants and your yoga pants sound like they could be friends. What with the whole probably having angst over not knowing if they are truly fulfilling their purposes, having no idea what their name means ;)

    Happy readathoning!

    1. They are the best pants ever. I need to order another pair...especially now that I spilled wood stain on the hems of mine trying to work on a project. Oops. Thank you for visiting!

  2. It's hour 15. It's time to shake it all up, and maybe change the reading material for something lighter, faster, easier, funnier. You've earned it. Go for a graphic novel, a comedy, a poem, a book of verse, anything, but make a change, just for a few pages or chapters. Oh... and now is the time for one of those super snacks you've been saving! ;-) #TeamMrPopper

    1. Boy...I should have switched to something peppier. I drifted off around hour 19 and never made it back. Oh well...still got some great reading in. (And learned a lesson for next time!) Thanks Chris!

  3. Grab a snack, dance a jig, it's Hour 17! You can do it! I know this hour gets difficult (for me, at least). Hope you're having a great time with your books! #TeamPopper

    1. It definitely got difficult. Funny, since I usually stay up fairly easy on the days when I don't readathon. Just a psyche thing apparently. Thanks for stoppinng by!


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