Friday, February 6, 2015

Checking In...Still Alive!

Hi there. Remember me? I used to blog here on occasion.

The last month has gone by in a gigantic blur. I started back to school on the 12th of January and I'm pretty sure this is the first chance I've had to rub 2 minutes together. I'm exhausted!

I've been asked about a thousand times already why I'm taking college courses again since I already have a couple of degrees and a full-time job. Well...the simple answer is...because I wanted to. I know, I'm nuts, but I just love to learn. I'm currently pursuing additional degrees in English and Accounting.

I'm taking 13 credits this semester in addition to working full-time and balancing family life. It's a lot, but I'm still not regretting my decision. It's hard some days and I've broken down a couple of times due to the stress, but I'm still loving school. It's the other stuff that's making it all hard.

While I'm staying crazy busy, I will still be making time to blog here and there. There won't be as much of me here, but I'm still planning on posting at least a few times a month. (I'd like to say once a week, but it just depends on the homework load.)

I will be here very frequently in April. In fact, I'll be blogging nearly every day since I'll be taking part in the A to Z Challenge once again this year. And now you're You can't even manage to get on here for nearly four weeks, but you think you can handle a project every day for a month?

Well..there has been some pre-planning. I knew I was going back to school, so I started somewhat getting this ready back in November. I did a lot of projects for Christmas presents that will fill a good portion of the slots. I have all of the pictures taken, they just need edited. I do have about six letters that still need projects, but I have a niece and nephew with birthdays between now and the end of April that will fill a couple of those.

As far as writing my posts, that will be my spring break project. I'll have a week off from both school and work that I can use to get everything ready and the majority of the posts scheduled. That will mean that I'll mostly get to visit other blogs during my free time in April.

Let's hope the plan holds up.

In the meantime, I hope you'll stick around as readers...I'm not bailing on all of you yet. I have a few projects to work on in the next couple of weeks, so maybe one of them will make it up here instead of being hoarded for the A to Z. If not, well...then I'm sure I'll come up with something to blab about. I always seem to manage...


  1. We miss you, Elle! I'll definitely be hanging around, eagerly awaiting your next post.

    Here's some fodder for a new one (I nominated you for some things!):

    1. Thanks Shaina! I'm taking you up on it!


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