Monday, December 22, 2014

2014 Christmas Project Countdown...3 Days to Go...

Well...the days are flying by and I have been crafting away. I have another twenty minutes or so before I call it quits tonight. My Pazzle is cutting out pieces for four in-progress projects as I type.

I lost a few hours yesterday to my family's trip to the Idaho Potato Bowl, but it was a much needed (and enjoyed) break.

The good news is that the progress has been steady since last week. The bad news is that a couple of projects are probably getting temporarily scrapped. They'll be moved instead to birthday presents for next year.

I have three projects that absolutely have to get finished. Without them, someone goes without a gift. All three are currently heavily in progress. I should have at least two of the three completed by tomorrow night. The third is one of the two big projects. The recipient this year? My youngest brother. I'm not going to lie, I'm kind of liking his gift enough right now to want to keep it for myself.

As for the remaining projects, they lay (lie?...I've never been able to conjugate that verb correctly) in various states of progress.

There are four that won't be getting finished until after Christmas. I'm giving myself an extension. That's because we won't have Darian for Christmas this year and, due to a few changes in schedule, he ended up being around far too much for me to be able to complete his projects without him discovering me in the act. In addition, we'll be swapping gifts with Owen and Patti on New Year's Eve, so I've put off one of Miss K's presents until later.

I expect that tomorrow night (well...technically tonight since it's currently after 1 a.m. here) and Tuesday night will be late ones. The goal is to be wrapped up completely ( far as I'll be by Christmas) by no later than noon on Christmas Eve. At this point, with the changes I've made along the way, it's looking pretty doable.

Here's where we stand tonight...

Planned Projects : 67 (decreased from the original 70)
Completed Projects : 43
In Progress Projects (with eminent completion) : 6
Other In Progress Projects : 3
Projects Given an Extension : 4

Projects Not Yet Started and at Risk for Being Changed to Birthday Presents : 5

A few more things to cut tonight and I'm headed for a short sleep. Tomorrow should be a productive day!

Are you all ready for Christmas?

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