Monday, September 29, 2014

Fright Fall Read-a-Thon Goals

It's time for the FrightFall Read-a-Thon!

FrightFall Read-a-Thon is hosted by Seasons of Reading. When it comes to read-a-thons hosted by Seasons of Reading, there is really only one! FrightFall does come with one itsy, bitsy additional requirement: one scary book. That's it. Just read one book that is from a "scary" genre: horror, paranormal, thriller, mystery, etc.

FrightFall begins on midnight, September 29th and runs through 11:59 pm on Sunday, October 5th. 

I'm setting some light goals for myself and planning on just picking up books when I have the time. I'm sticking to the credo and making this a relaxing reading week, no pressure. I will be doing updates on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings and then finishing it up with a wrap-up post on either late Sunday night or during the day on Monday. The wrap-up post will just depend on how late I stay up reading on Sunday night. All of my updates can be found by travelling over to my read-a-thons page.

The staggered posting will give me time off to go check out other bloggers who are participating rather than worrying about getting my own posts up every day. Half the fun of this is seeing what other people are reading.

Posting every other day also frees up some days for other posting the 2014 Pumpkin Plan on October 1st! That's right...we have a game plan for our carving and I'll be revealing the theme on Wednesday night. I got a little antsy about things and wound up pulling out the decorations this afternoon instead of waiting for October to officially arrive. I have a couple of additional craft projects that I'm hoping to finish during the month to make our house even more festive. I LOVE fall and Halloween!

As for this week's reading plans, here's what I have in mind:

1. Read at least an hour every day, two hours a day on Friday-Sunday
2. Read a total of 15 hours (900 minutes)
3. Read at least 900 pages.
4. Read at least 4 books.
5. Complete at least 1 "scary" book.

I have some library books to get wrapped up in the next few weeks, but I'm balancing them against my Top Ten Fall TBR Books. I also need to squeeze in a "scary" book to meet the challenge. I'm taking care of that by making it my first full read of the read-a-thon. I also chose a couple of extra books that will fit the theme by plugging them into my "bonus books".

Here's the list of planned reads:

Goal Reading 
          1. Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson (currently reading)
          2. Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor (paranormal read)
          3. The Kitchen Boy by Robert Alexander
          4. The FitzOsbornes in Exile by Michelle Cooper

Bonus Books 
          1. Carrie by Stephen King
          2. The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin
          3. City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare

Darian most likely won't be reading with me for the entire week since he's pretty busy with school, but I have told him about the read-a-thon, so he may join in for a day or two. We'll see how he's feeling as the week goes. With his extra online course, he tends to have pretty full evenings.

As for me, I'm looking forward to reading some good books and checking out some other fun readers. Happy reading!!


  1. Good luck with your goals-you have some great books lined up :)

    1. Thanks Finley Jayne! I'm hoping to get through a small section. Right now I'm really loving Carrie. I read it back as a teenager, but I don't think I enjoyed it as much as I am right now. It's a total change from what I have been reading, so that might be playing a small part.

  2. Welcome, Elle! I like your plan. I wish I could be relaxed, but I'll be doing a lot of crammed in reading because of work. Oh will be like when I was teen, burning the midnight reading oil...If I can stay awake!

    You're the second person with Carrie on their list. Stephen King is always a good choice.

    Happy Reading!

    1. Hey Michelle! Thanks so much for hosting. It's looking like it will be a blast. Hopefully you'll be able to have at least one relaxing read session.

      I'm totally loving Carrie. It was the perfect pick for the read-a-thon. Thanks for that...I would've totally pushed it down my TBR otherwise, but I'm really enjoying the deviation from my regular reads.


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