Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Bout of Books 11: Tuesday Update

Bout of Books

Day two of Bout of Books 11...check.

Today was a rough one. I spent most of my day trying to remember that today was Tuesday. I don't know what day I thought it was, but for the life of me I could not remember that tomorrow ( by the time I publish this) is Wednesday. Just one of those days.

Work was busy and I completely forgot to take my book with me to work today. Failure on my part since that would've given me at least another 45 minutes of page time.

After I got home and dealt with dinner, I spent a bit of time watching Gilmore Girls and working on cutting seams for a rag quilt I should be finishing up tomorrow. I always watch Gilmore Girls when I sew a big project. It's a tradition for me, I suppose.

Once my hand started getting worn out from the constant squeeze of the scissors, I moved my evening and Darian and I hung out and read together for a bit before he headed off to bed. Tomorrow is his first day of 7th grade. Hard to believe that the little kid who used to refer to the Yeti as the "Barbie Doll Snowman" (abominable snowman in 4-year-old English) is now more than half way through his primary education.

In the end, he's still kicking my can at the current read-a-thon, but I now have a chance to do some catching up. He'll be at school instead of home lounging, so his reading time will be cut significantly. Depending on how much homework his teachers decide to assign during week one, he could be relegated to only his half hour reading time before bed. We'll see. Maybe they'll be nice...

Enough of this blabber. Here's where we are as of Tuesday evening...

Elle's Current Stats 

Currently Reading :
The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult

Sometimes, I make poor reading choices. If you read yesterday's post, then you know I made one yesterday. Under Monday's "currently reading", I had listed The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood. Well...that was a bit of a misstep considering it's over 900 pages long. Nope. That will not do this week. So I scrapped it for now and returned back to the list to find my next start. It was a good choice. The Storyteller is pretty good so far.

Minutes Read Today: 115 minutes 

Total Time Read: 257 minutes

Goal: 1500 minutes

Pages Read Today: 98 pages

Total Pages Read: 270 pages

Goal: 1500 pages

Books Finished Today: 0

Total Books Finished: 1

Goal: 6 books

Darian's Current Stats 

Currently Reading: 

Minutes Read Today: 408 minutes 

Total Time Read: 796 minutes

Goal: 1200 minutes

Pages Read Today: 415 pages

Total Pages Read: 849 pages

Goal: 900 pages

It's pretty safe to say he'll hit his pages goal by tomorrow night. Not too shabby.

Books Finished Today: 1
Total Books Finished: 2

Goal: 3 books.

I have tomorrow off from work, so I may get a few bonus minutes of reading in. I need to finish my quilt (which will be up on the blog in about a week) and I have a secret photography project in the afternoon (which I may also put on the blog next week if I'm given the go ahead). Depending on how much time that stuff takes up...we'll see.

We also have Twitter chat tomorrow evening. Yay! It was pretty fun for us last time, so I'm setting an alarm in my phone. (I have a horrid memory for that kind of thing.) If you're participating, we'll see you then. If not, happy reading and we'll catch up with you again tomorrow night!


  1. You both are doing awesome so far! Darian is such a good reader already. Happy reading and good luck on an awesome day 3 :)

    1. I've totally been lucky to have a kid that loves reading. Makes my life easier. :)

  2. I love that you include your son in on all your reading projects--you are amazing!

    1. I figure I don't have many years left where he won't think it's awkward to read and hang out with me so I'm taking full advantage. It's also been a good way to keep him occupied during the summer. I'm lucky that he loves to read as much as he does.

  3. I totally chose smaller books to read for the readathon, lol. I'm starting a new book this afternoon and it has less than 200 pages-still counts hehehe :D

    1. that's smart. I figure that's the downside of reading e-books. When I don't have the book in hand, I have no idea how much of a bear it is.

  4. I think it's so cool that you're both doing this readathon! Good luck to the both of you. :)

    1. Thanks Kaitlin! We're both having fun. It's nice that Darian will be a little restricted by school and homework this me a chance to not be completely beaten out by the tween!


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