Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Just a Little Updating...

It's been a different few days and I kind of blew off Summary Sunday. Oops. The good news is that most of the "different" was a good thing. So in lieu of a Summary Sunday (since it's obviously a little late for that), today's post is just going to be a loosely organized update of sorts. That's a semi-fancy way of saying that I'm going to be rambling. Better that than nothing, right? Hopefully?

Where I've Been:

Last week I was home all alone for a small string of days. I spent that time getting a double case of pinkeye, watching episodes of House, wishing I had something more interesting than pinkeye, trying to keep my contagious mess to myself, and cursing the fact that I couldn't wear my contacts. I also managed to avoid cooking a single meal for five solid days. Amazing. Sometimes it's nice living like a college student for a while. (I'm also proud to say that I survived the week without resorting to eating Ramen noodles.)

Instead of hanging out here in the blogosphere, I spent my weekend hanging out with the newly returned home Collin. He'd been spending his week in a couple of small towns on the Nebraska/Colorado border teaching a specialized first aid course to a bunch of wind farm workers. It's a seriously crazy job. He always brings home awesome GoPro footage from the tops of those ridiculously huge and tall windmills.

We spent two days doing little more than watching a lot of Netflix. We finally finished off Rescue Me. That only took us about seven years. We're also caught up on House of Cards and just a few episodes shy of finishing off Weeds. Super productive weekend, let me tell you. But it was SO nice...and SO needed.

What I've Been Up To:

For the last couple of days, I've been spending my free time working on a memory quilt. It's a custom order project for a local lady who has a young daughter with an upcoming birthday. She's asked me to piece together her daughter's clothing (and a few blankets) from birth to age 2. I've been cutting and squaring fabric for the last couple of days and should be able to get the front side layout figured out by tomorrow evening. It's been a fun project so far and I think it should turn out pretty darned cute. It needs to be finished by the 19th, but I'm fairly certain I'll be finished with it with a handful of days to spare. I'll be checking with her, but I should be able to put pictures of it up here on the blog when I'm all done. It's nice to have a good creative project.

What else? Let's see... I finished another superhero cape...this one for Abigail. I still need to put the letters on it and make the "M" emblems for Marley's. (Marley informed Nana - my mother - that she could't very well have a superhero cape if it didn't have her "m" on it. Duh. Silly Auntie.) I organized my felt stash onto the baker's rack in the crop room and I'm currently working on moving in some desks from the storage unit to help me revamp the rest of the room. We'll see what happens with that.

What I've Slacked Off On:

I have totally fallen behind on reading. That's what happens when I craft. One hobby gets temporarily ditched for another. The good news is that I have vacation next week and will have some increased time available for reading. The bad news is that I'm supposed to be reading The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand...which is nearly 700 pages long. I'm not super excited. I'm also a week behind on my Deal Me In challenge because of this darned book. I may spread out my reading time on the other four, yes four books on my currently reading shelf. I also have five library books that need read before the 7th (there may be a few renewals) and a book loaned to me by Patti that needs to make it into rotation soon. I'm slightly drowning in books at the moment.

What I'll Be Up to Over the Next Few Days:

The quilt work will continue, but I'll be wandering away from that project here and there to keep myself from burning out. We'll be doing 4th of July with the family and then having a belated birthday party for Darian (who turned 12 last week) on Saturday. I will hopefully be making some progress on the crop room and my reading.

I'm going to be deciding how exactly I want to tackle this month's blog theme of vacation. I have a few things jotted down, but I'm mildly flying by the seat of my pants. I'll be using my vacation week next week to work on a few projects for that as well as getting some darned hand puppets finished for the Etsy shop. Now that the felt has been wrangled, that task will be easier.

I'll be checking in again this week with a (hopefully) more organized post. For now, I'm headed to edit/update my challenge pages for progress and then maybe wrap up the evening with a little bit of reading. Most likely not from The Fountainhead.

I hope you're all having a great start to your July!


  1. I hope your pink eye misadventure is about done! That is one nasty virus blech.

  2. I like rambling. Rambling posts are fun, and an every post occurrence for me! :D Glad to hear from you though!


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