Sunday, June 22, 2014

Summer Library Challenge Read-a-Thon: Day 5/6

A couple of unproductive reading days for me. Despite having most of Friday afternoon off, I managed to distract myself with YouTube videos of Eddie Izzard's comedy performances. I attempted Netflix first, but apparently they don't have any of his videos in their streaming options. Not cool. I'm mildly obsessed with the man and find him hilarious. I sincerely hope that he finds his way out to within reasonable travelling distance for me sometime during his Force Majeure Tour. Seeing one of his performances live would really make my day.

However, my choice to get sucked into the YouTubes may prove disastrous. You see, after that Collin returned home and we had a family night out for dinner. As a result, I completed very little reading for day 5. I repeated the laziness for day 6 and we spent the evening watching movies together.

I'm also kind of riding the struggle bus with my current book. It's a more serious novel than my last two have been, which means that I'm moving a little slower on reading it. Between that and my knack for finding distractions, I may very well not reach my goals for the read-a-thon. I think that the time goal might still be within my grasp. The page goal could go either way. The book goal...well, I think that one may be a miracle. The only thing I do have working in my favor is that the two books in the stack following the one I'm currently reading are the two shortest in the bunch. We'll see what happens.

On the flip side, Darian has pretty much just won the read-a-thon. Being on summer break and spending a good chunk of the week at my office has totally worked in his favor. Friday he went ahead and wrapped up his remaining goals. He went to a birthday party today and then spent the evening watching movies with us, so didn't read a single page. For him, though everything from here out for him is totally icing on the cake. Pretty impressive.

Here are my sad stats (and Darian's pretty impressive ones) at the end of day 6...

Elle's Current Stats 

Minutes Read Friday/Today: 1 hours 56 minutes (116 minutes)

Total Time Read: 16 hours 43 minutes (1003 minutes)

Goal: 24 hours (1440 minutes).

Pages Read Friday/Today: 124

Total Pages Read: 1090

Goal: 1600 pages.

Books Finished Friday/Today: 0

Total Books Finished: 3

Goal: 6 books.

Darian's Current Stats 

Minutes Read Friday/Today: 5 hours 18 minutes (318 minutes)

Total Time Read: 32 hours 41 minutes. (1961 minutes)

Goal: 1100 minutes

Pages Read Friday/Today: 242

Total Pages Read: 1255

Goal: 1200 pages.

Books Finished Friday/Today: 1

Total Books Finished: 4

Goal: 4 books.

We're having a nice family weekend, so I don't know how much reading will be a priority. Collin will be taking off for a few days out of town next week, so we're kind of taking advantage of the time we have together. We have a couple of movies planned for tomorrow morning/early afternoon and then who knows what will happen from there. I'm still going to try and get some reading in, but I don't know how well the goals will be met. I'd like to be able to hit all of them, but I'm not holding my breath. Low pressure over here. I hope you're all having as much of a relaxing weekend as we are.


  1. Darian's book looks super interesting so I just went and added it to my TBR. It is pretty easy to accomplish a lot of reading done when that is the only choice for an activity to do. I'm just glad he is reading. I'm doing okay with the library read-a-thon for this week. I may even beat my stats for my own.

    1. He's totally big on the zombie books right now. It was an easy transition since he's been adoring vampires for the past little while. And yes... I'm just glad he's reading, too. :)

  2. I love following you both as you do readathons! I'd like to start doing this with my oldest daughter, who's almost 10 yrs old, but she really dislikes reading grrrr. Maybe a readathon would be a good way to motivate her to read though? I may give it a try, the next one I find :)

    1. I totally got lucky with having a reader. It doesn't hurt that every once in a while he manages to get himself grounded and only be able to read. There's some motivation for you. ;)


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