Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bout of Books Update: Day 3 (Wednesday)

It's day THREE of the Bout of Books Read-a-Thon. Another crazy day around here. We're really hoping Friday comes soon.

We both participated in the Bout of Books Twitter chat this evening and had a lot of fun. It was a little overwhelming at first, but I think we figured out a system. We keep my laptop screen up on Tweetdeck, while watching the email notifications on my phone. That way we don't miss a mention, a reply or a favorite. I found a few more people to follow and we were both sad that it was over so soon. We're looking forward to Saturday's chat.

Neither one of us got as much accomplished as we wanted to today, but we still upped our stats. Here's where we are as of this evening...

Elle's Current Stats 

Currently Reading: Lucky Us by Amy Bloom

When I Read Today: It was pretty sad, but I only got to read for a bit after work tonight. I'll be once again continuing on after I finish tonight's post.

Other Things Accomplished Today: Dropped the kids off at school, headed to work, tackled some insurance messes, had my office computer die, had the bank goof up a deposit, learned how to a switch hard drive out of a computer, put the hard drive back in the computer when that failed miserably, brought the computer home so that I can change out the power supply and start from square one tomorrow. After that mess of a day, I poured myself a vodka/cranberry and had Collin pick up sandwiches from Blimpie on his way home. Enough was enough.

Minutes Read Today : 3 hours 23 minutes (203 minutes)

Total Time Read: 12 hours 1 minute. (721 minutes)

Goal: 20 hours (1200 minutes).

Pages Read Today: 131

Total Pages Read: 503

Goal: 1200 pages.

Books Finished Today: The Right Thing by Amy Conner

Total Books Finished: 3

Goal: 4 books.

How I'm Feeling: After seeing my stats, I'm feeling pretty good about my progress so far. I'm feeling a little bit better about my day now that I'm home and relaxing. I am a little bit worried about the book I'm currently reading. It may turn out to be something completely different from what I expected, and not necessarily in a good way. We'll see...

Today's Challenge - 'This' Made Me Think of 'That'

  • Blackbird by Melanie Schulz made me think of Fallen by Lauren Kate.
  • Fallen by Lauren Kate made me think of Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare.
  • Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare made me think of I, Robot (the movie, I haven't read the book).
  • I, Robot just creeped me out.

Darian's Current Stats 

When I Read Today: In the evening.

Other Things Accomplished Today: Went to school, participated in the Bout of Books Twitter chat, took a bath, listened to my dog howling at a fire truck.

Minutes Read Today : 79 minutes

Total Time Read: 219 minutes

Goal: 15 hours (900 minutes).

Pages Read Today: 86 pages

Total Pages Read: 224 pages

Goal: 1200 pages.

Total Books Finished: 1

Goal: 5 books.

How I'm Feeling: Not too bad. Feeling kind of tired.

Today's Challenge - 'This Made Me Think of That'

As I was reading The Hunger Games, I thought of Eragon because they are both on the move most of the time, kind of running away from enemies, and they both only have medieval tools.


  1. Sorry about the computer problems!! We recently had that happen here. This laptop died, and we couldn't really afford a new one at the time (bout 8 months ago), so we bought one 2nd hand that ended up being CRAP. It works, but it is a pain, so I finally (last month) bought a huge hard drive for this one and got it in here and YAY, working computer. I'm so pleased with it!! I hope you get yours straightened out soon! Hope that book doesn't turn out badly for you. I didn't like my book from today. :( Better ones tomorrow! :)

    1. Computers are totally the bane of my existence. The good news is that it's now back up and running and it only cost me about $40 to fix it. Phew. Now I'm just impatiently waiting for Friday so I can get a break from this nuthouse.

  2. I have a 16 year old grandson whose name is Darian! Your boy is the first ever other boy I have found with the same name. We know several girl Darian's but other boys. I can't wait to tell my Darian when he wakes up in the morning. I love the name. And my Darian was a huge Harry Potter fan.

    1. How funny! We also have really only known girls with that name. Our Darian likes that there is a Darien Gap in central America. He knows it's spelled differently, but feels like it's his own little piece of the world. :)

  3. You're both doing really good so far. Well done!

    1. Thanks Hannah! I'm really liking visiting your blog every day. I've found a nice pile of new books for the TBR list. :)

  4. Love that you're doing this together :) And your progress is great!

    1. I was a little disappointed in my Tuesday reading time, but overall it's been quite nice. I'm really looking forward to Saturday when we're planning to read all day.

  5. Sorry about your day! Sounds like it was not the best ever. :( May today be a million times better!
    You made me laugh again with your mini-challenge answer. I tried to read I, Robot once but just couldn't get into it.

    1. I had a little too much fun with the mini-challenge. Writing posts close to bedtime always makes for some interesting brain workings.

  6. Oh, keeping track of the minutes you've spent reading is such a good idea! I might adapt that for my next read-a-thon, if you don't mind. I love statistics and numbers - it's part of why read-a-thons are such fun for me! :)

    It's great that you're participating together, but the Twitter chat is especially impressive! I joined in once last year but I could hardly keep track of it all. Well done for coming up with a system though.

    1. Thanks Hanna! I actually modified a spreadsheet that was available for Dewey's 24 hour read-a-thon. You could probably use that too. You can find it here. Good luck!


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