Monday, April 21, 2014

"R" is for Rubs

I have been home sick for the last couple of days with a head cold that is sapping all of my energy. It's totally aggravating. But it will not stop me from plowing ahead. I will finish the A to Z Challenge!

So far, a good majority of my projects have been presents for little girls, but today it's more of a manly project. Because to be honest, no one is harder to figure out a gift for than my dad...or Collin's dad. Dads are just tough. And no way am I sticking them both with the traditional "Dad gift" of a tie at every birthday, Father's Day or Christmas.

So when it came time to make presents for last Christmas, I did what any self-respecting crafter would do...I hit the boards. The Pinterest boards, that is.

And that's how we wind up with today's project: R is for Rubs. Don't get too excited's just the spice kind. You know, like for meat. Now knock it off. Get your mind out of the gutter.

I started out this endeavor with a trip to Cost Plus World Market. I love that store. There's just way too much fun stuff in there.

I found these cute little spice canisters for a steal. It ended up costing me less than a dollar per jar.

I like that not only can they rest on either their sides or their bottoms, but they have the adjustable shaker lid. It's pretty much the best thing ever.

As for recipes, I had a nice little pile to choose from. I picked and chose to get the ones I wanted, and ended up with six different varieties.

1. Barbecue Rub from Real Simple
2. Brown Sugar Rub from Kojo Designs
3. Greek Rub from Kojo Designs
4. Mediterranean Rub from Real Simple
5. Cajun Rub from Real Simple
6. Smoky BBQ Rub that no longer apparently exists online, but is very similar to this one over at Epicurious.

I bought my needed ingredients in bulk from our local Winco (a much more economical way to go than to buy individually bottled spices) and mixed all of my rubs up in big batches in the kitchen one night. I had my eyes and nose watering profusely thanks to the pile of spices I was using.

Once everything was nicely contained, I designed a simple label on Publisher and printed them out. I used a circle punch to cut them and ran them through a laminating sticker cartridge. Easy peasy.

Directions for use? Also simple. Apply 1-2 tbsp of olive oil to the meat to be seasoned, then coat with 1-2 tsp. of the mix, to taste. After that, just cook away. Tada!

Thanks to all of you stopping by from A-to-Z Challenge! I love new readers. Make sure to leave me a comment below (including your blog address) so that I can return the favor by visiting you. 


  1. The perfect Father's Day gift. How clever!
    Hope you are enjoying the A to Z challenge

    1. Thanks Leslie! "Guy gifts" are always a challenge for me.

  2. I actually got my mind in the gutters when I started off with the post title! And then as I read on, I was like. .. What? For dads?? 😀
    But this is a clever idea for a gift! :-)

    1. Glad I wasn't the only one whose mind wandered with this post. :) Thanks for stopping by Rana! Only a few more days and we've made it all the way from A to Z! Whew!

  3. I wonder what else is there to find in Cost Plus World Market. Interesting post and a clever idea

    1. You SO need to go check it out. I love that place. Way too many fun little things.

  4. Those look amazing, and even though you make it sound easy-- those labels sound like a bit of work :)

    Damyanti, Co-host A to Z Challenge April 2014, My Latest post

    Twitter: @AprilA2Z

    1. The labels were pretty straightforward actually. I think it only took me about 20 minutes to get them made and ready to roll. It's all in the gadgets.

  5. Hi Elle - now those look quite wonderful - perfect for me too! But I'm sure many Dads, husbands or just plain men would love to have some jars during the summer ... fun idea -

    PS - hope you feel better ... cheers Hilary

    1. Thanks Hilary! I am finally on the mend, thank goodness. Now it's back to full steam ahead to get projects finished up for the last few days of the challenge!

  6. That's such a neat idea to make a whole bunch of rubs. Would make great gifts to a BBQ fan.

  7. Elle, Hope you feel better soon :) These are adorable. They would make great little gifts. I would love for you to share this at my Friday T.G.I.F. Linky Party @ Have a great weekend!!


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