Saturday, February 1, 2014

Month in Review: January 2014

It's February! January went so fast. As part of the changes to the blog, I'm going to be posting a month-in-review on either the last day of each month or the first day of the following month. So...this is the first one. And there is no blueprint for this; I'm just winging it.

Before I really got things rolling for 2014, both Darian and I completed our 2013 Book of the Year brackets and decided on our 2013 Books of the Year. It's one of my favorite projects every year and I love finding good books to suggest to others. I already found a good one to start off this year.

After that, I invited my sister-in-law, Victoria to share her creative side by writing a guest post on the blog about her custom wood puzzles. She currently has some super cute Valentine's Day puzzles for sale on her site.

How adorable are these?!
January's theme was Organization and Planning. The scrapbook room got cleaned. It's still so nice to walk into the room and be able to see desk tops. Amazing. I love it. Now...if only the rest of my house looked that way.

I organized my plan for the blog and created a blog planner that will allow me to hopefully stay more organized and on track. I'm still loving it and learning new possibilities from it. It's fantastic and SOOO helpful.

I also made plans for organizing, repairing and cleaning other areas of the house. It will be a year-long process to get all of those things completed, but it's nice to know that they will get done.

Outside of the blog, January was good as well. We celebrated my little brother's wedding anniversary, my sister-in-law's birthday and my mother's birthday.

I watched the entire season of Freaks and Geeks (yes, I'm late to the show) and got terribly addicted and discovered why so many were disappointed when it was cancelled.

We took a trip as a family up to the McCall Winter Carnival and had a great time eating delicious food at the Pancake House and walking around looking at ice sculptures.

I spent a nice relaxing weekend day doing nothing but hanging out with my family and playing contract rummy while we ate pretzels. It was fantastic.

Oh! And after nearly three weeks of an inversion and cloudy, crummy skies, we finally SAW THE SUN!! Best end of the month present ever.

All in all, January's was a good start to 2014.

And now we're moving on to February.

February's theme is love. It's a month of posts about crafts, wedding posts, wedding craft posts... It should be fun. As we speak ( I write and you read), I have a paint drying on a project in process. Yay! An actual project.

The timing of this post is mildly unfortunate since I'll be posting a Summary Sunday tomorrow, but the days of the week can't really be helped, right? If you have any ideas of how I can oomph up the Month in Review and make it more fun, let me know. I'm totally up for suggestions of anything you'd like to see on the blog.

With that...I'll be back tomorrow!


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