Tuesday, January 28, 2014

2014 House Honey Do List

The house is now 18 years old and we've lived here for almost 8 years. When a home gets that old, there are bound to be things that need redoing or repairing, right?

Well...I've decided that we're going to start attacking things room by room.

In order to get that done, I included a room by room break down of projects in this year's blog planner.

To keep us working on the projects I've laid out, I've decided to put a truncated version in blog form. I've prioritized what we can realistically complete (and afford to complete) this year. I'll be checking the items off on this post as we go and posting our progress along the way. (Keep in mind, some projects need warmer weather than others and some require budgeting...so, we won't necessarily be finishing them in order.)

Here's the plan:

Master Suite :

1. Purge clothing
2. Hang closet mirror
3. Reorganize closet shelving
4. Hang closet door
5. Sand and repaint bathroom window wells

Den :

1. Clean desk
2. Purge bookshelf
3. Fix desk chair

Stairs/Foyer/Main Hallway :

1. Wedding photo gallery
2. Stairway photo collage
3. "Established" placard
4. Main hallway photo collage

Kitchen :

1. Chalkboard measuring conversion board
2. Lazy Susans in pantry shelving
3. Can dispensers in pantry
4. Spice jars in convertible pantry

Family Room/Living Room :

1. Photo frames on living room tables
2. Redecorate mantel
3. Redecorate entertainment unit

Utility :

1. Repair pocket door
2. Repair broken hallway baseboard

Crop Room/Closet

1. Purge closet dresser
2. Purge closet shelving
3. Design bin system for closet shelving
4. Mod podge dresser
5. Fabric bin table

Scrapbook Room/Closet

1. Sort closet memorabilia
2. Reorganize photo storage
3. Scan closet stored photos

Darian's Room

1. Purge clothing
2. Purge toy box
3. Bin/shelving system for desk

Upstairs Hallway

1. Hallway photo collages
2. Replace photos in existing frame


1. Reorganize storage room/add totes
2. Purge and organize bunker


1. Replace front walk post lights
2. Motion sensor sprinkler for courtyard
3. Remove rock from garden area

That makes it official...we will accomplish some clean up and repair items this year and I will get some of my planned decorating changes off the ground. I'm particularly excited about the changes coming to our entryway and staircase!


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