Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2013 Book of the Year: Finding the Final Four

This is where this Book of the Year thing gets daunting. I now have to eliminate some of the best books that I read last year.

Here's where we pick back up after getting down to the sweet sixteen:

The rules for the rest of the eliminations are the same as for the last round. A higher ranked book automatically wins. In the case of a tied ranking, I have to decide which book I liked better. I typically do this by deciding which book I would choose to read again if I had to pick on right now.

After the next round of eliminations, the bracket looks like this:

Some of those choices were pretty difficult. I really hated to say goodbye to The Red Tent in particular.

And now to find...the FINAL FOUR. The best of the best. Once again, this did prove a challenge to some extent. Pitting Clockwork Princess against Clockwork Prince was not very fair. Darn you random sequence generator! But...I figured it out and sacrificed another four books. And here you have them...the final four. One of these will soon be crowned 2013 BOTY!


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