Monday, July 9, 2012

Every Day Should Be Vacation

Well, my hiatus is officially over. I went back to work today. It was really nice to have a pile of days when I didn't have to do a darned thing.

We took an RV trip as a family and more or less toured Oregon. We hit up a pile of museums, saw the ocean, the Redwoods and Crater Lake, and visited a super cool animal safari.

I am currently uploading my 1425 joke. Maybe I'll share a few later on this week.

The relaxation does still continue somewhat. I have to go to work, but my duties at home have been lightened. Darian is spending a couple of weeks with Grandma Carole. It's nice to come home and fix dinner whenever I darned well feel like it. (And I don't have to share the Wii.)

I was really hoping that my pictures would download super fast while I was typing this so that I could at least share a couple. Umm...nope. It's currently at picture 283. The computer might need a little "me" time.

An update on the 4 month meal plan...I am sailing along. In fact, I have "added" an extra two weeks' worth of meals since I am apparently a horrible estimator of how much we will have in leftovers. Our fridge is constantly stuffed. So...I've frozen some veggies and moved a few things out until the end. (I am experimenting with some of the freezing, so I may give out some tips on that in the next couple of months.)

At the current rate, our 4 month meal plan will end up extending through most of November. (That's six months!!)

There have been some casualties. I've learned that I got too greedy on my produce and didn't space out the purchasing enough. I have lost a few tomatoes, pieces of green peppers, an avocado and some green onions. I figure it's about $5-7 in lost produce this far. Drat. But hey...I'm learning. Next time I'll be a total rock star at this.

Well...I've blathered on as much as possible, but the photo uploading isn't even at 50% yet. So...I guess I'll save that for another day. Now...I'm off to play Zelda. With the kiddo gone it's all mine.

Oh! I almost forgot. There was a bit of a catastrophe a few days before we left. I got sick of my dirty dishwater blonde and decided to dye my hair. Collin has worked for years to get me to dye my hair black. I finally relented. But...the black I bought was actually violet black. I decided I wanted a little shiny tint. Uh...ya...I got a LOT of shiny tint. Apparently my hair decided that the black portion of the dye should be omitted. And so...purple hair. Seriously. There was panic.

The color has now tamed down slightly - I'm now at kind of a dark reddish brown - but it's still not what I would consider "normal". I'm not sure what I want to do next I guess it will stay this way for a while. I'm debating on a major cut.

And now...for your viewing pleasure...purple hair. (The picture was taken with my iPhone and then posted to Facebook, so it's not the hottest quality. get the gist.)


  1. Skyward Sword? Dillon and Audrey have beat that game TWICE now. Seriously, they are obsessed.

    Dillon really wants me to color my hair dark brown. I don't think so. I will look so washed out and sad! You look great though!

    Can't wait to see your pics.

    1. Yes ma'am...Skyward Sword. Although...I am quickly learning that I may not be playing it much. First person shooter type games always manage to make me nauseous. Boo.

      For the record, I think dark brown would look great on you.


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