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Guest Post: Darian's 2 Day Field Trip

This is Darian :

Darian is 9 years old and in the 4th grade. You may remember that he was posting here on his book reviews. However, Darian chose to be obnoxious this year and not do his homework. So he was punished and banned from the blog. I'm feeling nice today. So Darian has been ungrounded...for now...we'll see what he does. (He says to tell you that he is now getting Honor Roll. I think he might be sucking up.) As with his book posts, Darian will be the one "writing" this post. I will simply be typing it for him. If you enjoy this post, check down the right hand side for posts with the label "Darian's Posts". With any luck, he will be back soon with more book reviews. He's doing quite well on his goal for the year. With that...I'm turning it over to Darian...


Hi. My name is Darian. This is my eighth post. The reason I haven't posted in so long is because I have been grounded from the blog and I have been wanting to get it back. I was grounded because I wasn't doing my homework when I was supposed to. Now I have fixed the problem and am getting Honor Roll. I have been missing the blog. I have a lot of books to review. I'm planning to do those reviews pretty soon. Today I'm blogging about my two day field trip on May 10th and 11th. I am going to write this sort of like a journal.

May 10th, 2012

Very early this morning, around 6:45a.m, we went to go pick up the other school's kids and start our two day field trip. The reason we get a two day field trip is because my teacher's dad used to do it with his 4th grade students and she wanted to do it too. No one in my school has ever done it before. It was made possible by the help from parents, chaperons, and my teachers.

Today we went to Bruneau Sand Dunes, Three Island Crossing, Malad Park, Hagerman Fossil Beds and Hatchery, and Shoshone Falls. Really late this night we went to the Herrett Museum and their observatory and saw a lot of things. We saw Saturn, satellites, and constellations.

Malad Gorge at Malad Park
My favorite part of the first day was the Herrett Museum and the Hagerman Fossil Beds. The reason those were my favorites is because I am interested in astronomy and paleontology.

The Hagerman Horse
The Hagerman Horse is a ancient zebra/horse. It lived around Hagerman and is known worldwide. This was the first Hagerman Horse ever found.

May 11, 2012

Over night we slept at a church and for breakfast it was yogurt, cereal, donuts, etc. (Interjection: Yes, he really said "etcetera".) I didn't get very much sleep last night because I stayed at the observatory until midnight.

We went back to the Herrett Museum and I found out that on May 20th there is going to be a partial solar eclipse in Idaho and a transit of Venus on June 5th.

Mainly what we did today is traveled on our fancy bus. (Interjection: He just whispered "Yay! That was really fun!") We went to Craters of the Moon and Thousand Springs Hot Springs.

Thousand Springs Hot Springs is in the Shoshone Falls area. At Craters of the Moon we went through a cave and went on a hike.

We didn't get home until around 11 p.m. I was very tired and I lost my voice because I was talking a lot and my throat was dry.

The two day field trip was very fun, but very tiring for me. I am glad to be back blogging. (That just took him four tries to say.) See you next blog!

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  1. Great blog Darian :) - Ms. M


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