Sunday, April 15, 2012

Summary Sunday: Sawdust Edition

I need more weekend days. I love them. Don't you? I can lay around for a few hours and still feel like I get a ton of stuff done in a day. It's fantastic.

So this week had some pretty decent ups and downs. Collin's birthday was Thursday and we had a nice sushi dinner and beer with friends on Friday night. But the best thing of the week? You're going to be so jealous... Look what showed up in the mail!!

I am really, really excited. You'd think I was going to Disneyland. Not only do I have this autographed bookplate, my copy of Jenny Lawson's (AKA The Bloggess) book should be arriving next week. I can't WAIT!

Unfortunately...the entire week wasn't all sunshine and unicorns. Darian is still being an issue. His teacher sends the students home every day with an "agenda" that tells what they did during the day and what work needs to be done. Since we'd been having issues with him selectively writing things down, he has been having his agenda checked and signed by the teacher daily. 

I had noticed some erasing earlier this week and questioned him on which he replied, "Oh, I just wrote it down wrong." I let it pass (because I am obviously a gullible idiot). Friday however, I noticed more of this erasing. I was already suspicious since he had miraculously only had one homework assignment all week. I chalked some of it up to his ISAT testing on Monday and an outdoors all-day project "Wagons Ho!" on Wednesday. This time though...I could see "Assignment 83" through the erasing in the math section. Funny...he did Assignment 81 earlier in the week... 

Yup, you guessed it. He was writing everything down as instructed, getting the signature of his teacher and then erasing what needed to be done. The only reason he did his earlier math assignment is because she had drawn an arrow with "make sure this is finished" next to the line. He was smart enough to know he couldn't fudge that one. Even better...I opened his math notebook to find that he had completed nearly half the assignment and then erased it. Seriously?!!? When I asked him how many problems he would've had left if he used that erasing time to do the assignment instead his answer was, "One or Two." Ugh. *facepalm*

So...I took him back over to the school on Friday and had the office staff open the classroom so that we could retrieve the work he "didn't feel like doing". Nice try, kiddo.

I'm going in to talk to his teacher in the morning. From now on he will be writing his agenda in pen. Oh...and what has he been doing in school instead of his work? Reading, of course. I'm glad that he enjoys reading, but this is getting ridiculous. I found three library books in his desk and one in his backpack. So...I will also be visiting the librarian to strip him of his library privileges. Reading for coursework. That's it. 

Adventures in parenting are so fun...

Okay...let's get back to the happy stuff...I'd like to keep some hair attached to my head rather than pulling it all out.

Posts I Posted: Apparently Darian isn't the only one who likes reading. I managed to put out a slew of book review posts this week. I talked about my two newest Goodreads wins: A Gift for My Sister and Elza's Kitchen. I also hijacked one of Patti's Goodreads wins and reviewed the YA novel, Eight Keys. And...lest you think reading is all I do as well...I was oh so kind as to give you Week 2 of Project Life.

Books I Read: With all those reviews you'd think I'd be caught up. Nope. I am currently one book behind my goal on Goodreads and I have two books that I've finished that I still need to review. Those finished books? Both excellent reads : Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling and The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.

Projects I Finished: Because I am SOOO behind on Project Life, I finally sat down and completed two weeks' worth of journaling. Yup...that's right...two. So now I'm only six weeks behind. Oy. I see a lot of journaling in my future. 

Since I've been avoiding journaling for about the last 36 hours, I've been spending time working on the Big Secret Project of the year. I have to call it that because I'm totally going to blow it here in the next couple of weeks and show you what I'm making. I'm a braggart like that. But I have managed to dismantle some pieces that needed removal and I'm nearly done with sanding. That's right, sanding. I'm using some serious power tools for this project. (I'm a little scared...) I am covered in a fine layer of dust and learned that sometimes safety rules are say wearing glasses and a mask while sanding. Sawdust under contacts and in the lungs is not so fun...

Recipes I Tried: I made Easter dinner last weekend and I was totally not wanting to go buy a ham. Instead, I busted out some pork tenderloin from the freezer and made my very own "Crack Bacon" tenderloin. It was quite yummy. A little infusing of the brown sugar/honey/pepper mixture and I think we'll have a very strong winner.

Phew! Not bad for bouncing back from inactivity! I think the rest of this afternoon might be spent reading and otherwise avoiding journaling...I'm getting so good at it.


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