Sunday, February 12, 2012

Summary Sunday - iEdition

Today I said goodbye to a trusty friend. He'd been getting up there in years and he was moving a little slower than he had in his earlier days. Tricks that he'd mastered in the past would suddenly cause him to freeze up and become unresponsive. In my mind, I knew it was the right thing to do, but in my heart...I just couldn't bring myself to betray him like that. But today...well today I turned that corner. So it is with fond memories that I say goodbye to my BlackBerry. I'll miss you old buddy and I'll remember all the good times we had.

And I joined the Darkside. I am now the owner of an iPhone. I held out as long as I could, but Siri is just a tempting little minx. I couldn't say no to her...though apparently she can say no to me pretty easily. Rude. Just rude.

You may be thinking to's why she's posting this Summary Sunday so late at night...she's been fiddling with her new phone. I'd like to tell you that yes, that was the case. But alas, no...I was actually tied up with spending many hours slaving away in my kitchen. Tonight I made my very first pasta by hand. I also busted out a batch of cookies from a new recipe. I'll be sharing both of those later this week, but it did turn out successfully. And now...since I'm dying to get this phone figured out...let's get on with the weekly wrap up...

Posts I Posted : I actually screwed up. I'll be honest. I had a post all ready to go for yesterday, but I forgot to publish it. Oops. So I guess you'll get it tomorrow. Because of that error, you ended up with only two posts this from Darian, and a book review of The Night Circus from me. Good heavens I'm behind on the stuff I've been meaning to post...

Projects I Finished : When it comes to craft projects, I accomplished zero this week. But I actually got quite a bit accomplished. I cleaned the scrapbook room...a project that resulted in these Tweets...

I also finally wrapped up a huge project at Collin's office that involved multiple hours to untangle the mess that was his QuickBooks inventory. I'm happy to say that things look very nice and pretty.

Books I Read : I finished up Once on a Moonless Night by Dai Sijie. I'll be letting you know what I thought tomorrow. I am now reading The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon.

Recipes I Tried : I have been a cooking FOOL this week! I'm totally impressed with myself. I will be sharing these recipes during the next week or two, but this week I made : Crockpot Orange Chicken, Chicken Almond Rice Salad, Buttermilk-Blueberry Breakfast Cake, Pumpkin Sage Ravioli and Italian Cookies with Blueberry Frosting. I also made Jambalaya on Monday...but I've already taught you that one.

Favorite Blog Post This Week : Oh there have been some gems this week people. And I even remembered to star them. Aren't you impressed!? So...since I went to all this work to remember, you need to go check out Geek in Heels. Jenny was on FIRE this week with two posts that left me giggling uncontrollably. She shared How Donuts Help Us Understand Social Media and her Facebook Social Experiment. No to be outdone, Kim over at Everything bugs me. shared her interpretative map of the Bay Area. If you live there or have lived there in the past, this will make total sense to you. If not, you may stare at it quizzically like Collin did at me while I was rolling around on the floor about it.

Favorite Thing on the Web : Okay...technically these are more blog posts, but let's not get snippy. Paige Kellerman at There's More Where That Came From shared a couple of videos that were just...well...epic. Credit for the second fine gem goes to Collin and Best.Roommate.Ever. Collin and I spent an hour dying laughing at the posts on Ghetto Hikes. Cody takes urban kids on nature hikes and writes down the dumb crap they say. As a little sample of his handiwork...'re welcome. Now...back to this phone...


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