Monday, December 12, 2011

We're Amping Up the Festivity Around Here!

Moving right along...I finished two more projects tonight and just might have another one finished by bedtime. (Fingers crossed.) I will admit, the stress is starting to mount. The 4 large projects are making me nervous...especially one in particular. You'll see why after the holidays.

So with 12 days remaining...

Check it out! I'm on top of things for the first time in like two weeks. 11 projects left.

We finally busted out our Christmas decorations today. I took advantage of a slightly long lunch and got a good chunk of it assembled. Collin & I dragged the tree out of the attic this evening. attic is FREEZING! After getting it into the living room, we both looked at each other and decided that we were very much NOT up to "fluffing" the tree tonight. We always end up with multiple arm cuts from our awesome fake tree. And a new one is totally in the cards for next year by the way...having cats lay on the wire boughs tends to shorten the lifespan.'s a little holiday cheer from our house! (I totally stole some pictures from last year, but it will probably look about the same by tomorrow night.)

Oh...did I mention that I LOVE snowmen?


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