Monday, December 5, 2011

Summary Sunday - Late Monday Edition

Well...the fact that I'm posting this on Monday night...late...ought to say something about how busy my weekend was.

I was able to work on some projects on Friday, but did not get as much accomplished on that front as I had originally planned.

Collin's mom, Carole came into town and took us to the last BSU game of the season. We froze our behinds off, but we had a really good time. Broncos won pretty handily. And...we used one of the projects I made. I'll be sharing that later this week.

Sunday was full of birthdays and food. We hit up brunch at Brick 29 for some crack bacon for Collin's sister's birthday. After that, it was birthday cake and ice cream. Finally, we wrapped it up with dinner for my brother's birthday.

Posts I Posted : It was a scrapbooking whirlwind last week. I shared my favorite scrapping tools and my favorite products. I also included some sharp scissor warnings and gushed about my love of all things Tim Holtz. Finally, I gave you a preview of the scrapbook pages that are up for auction on my cousin Jenna's website, Mom, the Intern. The proceeds will be sent to Jenna's friend, Stacy - who is battling sarcoma. Go check it out! The bidding is open until Sunday at 11:50pm.

Recipes I Used : I managed to forget to get out my hamburger one night last week and I was planning to make taco soup. (It's a recipe that super easy - a nice winter staple. I'll share it with you some time.) I got a brilliant idea to substitute chili instead. It worked out okay, but it just wasn't the same. Lesson learned - my experiments do not always pay off.

Books I Finished : I am still working on The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I keep hearing bad reviews, but thus far I'm liking it just fine. We'll see how it goes.

Projects I Finished : In addition to the five scrapbook pages for Jenna's auction, I did manage to check off a little on the Christmas project list, and surprisingly I will be sharing it later this week. What I can share right now however, is the tally. So with 19 days to we are...

Ooh, that's daunting. 23 presents in 19 days.  I don't know...this could be a photo finish.

Also, Katherine gave me the squares for the quilt she's making her mom for Christmas (well...that I'm helping her make for her mom I guess I should say) so it looks like me and my sewing machine are going to be besties this week. That's fine, I have some sewing of my own that needs to get finished and I can check off another 3-6 items. I did manage to break my first sewing needle of the year last week, so Project Christmas is well in full swing.

Best Blog Post : I don't normally push the dental stuff, but this one went a little viral last week. It's Lolabees' 10 Reasons Your Dentist Probably Hates You Too. I found it via my friend Eric on Facebook. He also happens to be a fellow dentist. Not only is everything this woman says true, but there are some eerie similarities between her and myself.

Best Thing on the Web : Yet another up and coming viral post, go and check out Texts from Bennett. It has serious potential., my Monday has finally come to an end. I'm going to go investigate the loud banging coming from my kitchen - which I assume has something to do with a misbehaving feline - and then it's off to read.


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