Friday, December 2, 2011

In the Spirit of the Season...Plus Some Scrapbooking!

The charity auction for my cousin Jenna's friend Stacy begins on Monday the 5th. Stacy is battling sarcoma, which was diagnosed in July. Her husband has lost his job and her treatments are both painful and expensive. It's Jenna's hope that the funds from this auction will help her family have a merrier Christmas. Remember...this season is about giving...

I have submitted my five premade scrapbook layouts to be included in her auction. I'm also excited to see the other things that will be posted on elf hats?!?! Make sure you head over to her blog Mom, the Intern to check out what's available and then bid to your heart's content on Monday!

So after all this talk of scrapbooking this week, I'm finally sharing a product. Yes...occasionally I do more than just love on my tools and twirl around in the center of the room admiring my paper.

I admit, making these was more difficult that I thought it would be. I've made stock pages before, but they have primarily been for myself. This time, I didn't even really know my audience or what style of scrapbooking would suit them. I decided to somewhat play it safe, making some layouts for topics that most people could/would scrap about. I also tried to balance the style between my normal and the more "cutesy" scrapbooking that I've seen others do and love.

So here they are...let me know what you think...

(FYI...I'm all about the scraplifting. So if you see something here that you like, definitely feel free to copy it. Just do me a favor...if you feature a scraplifted product on your own blog, please give credit where credit is due. I'd do the same for you. Oh, and the watermarks are just for these photos. They don't exist on the actual layouts...)

1. Boy

2. Family

3. Friends

  4. Girl

5. Mr & Mrs.

And...that's that. I'll be posting another link to the auction when it goes live on Monday. Hopefully we can all help Stacy and her family and make the holidays a little easier on them.


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