Sunday, November 27, 2011

Summary Sunday - Slightly Buzzed Edition

Happy Sunday and post turkey day weekend everyone! It was a nice few days for us over here, other than the fact that Collin was gone for a five day stretch. I've been crafting my butt off for the last few days and I've been pretty darned productive. Even with a rather horrid yarn measurement problem and an emergency trip to JoAnn Fabrics, I got quite a bit done. I also managed to get somewhat high on the fumes from a few projects I did yesterday...those fumes are still lingering today and may be affecting my judgment. All well. Despite the side effects, I'll admit that I'm rather proud of myself.

So now I'm looking pretty good. With 27 days remaining, here is where I stand...

That leaves 23 projects. At least there are now fewer projects than days. There are quite a few that should be able to be banged out rather quickly, but the last four on the list are going to require some extra time and do have me a little worried about deadlines. I'm going to need to get to them soon...

I also realized the other day that I have scrapbook pages to put together for Jenna's blog auction over at Mom, the Intern. She'll be hosting the auction in less than two weeks to raise money for her friend with cancer. For those of you who want to donate, please contact her via her blog. I'll be putting together my layouts over the next few days and scanning them in for her to post. I will feature them here as well if anyone is interested on bidding on them.

Collin finally arrived home tonight, so I'm putting this together before we have a little much needed time together. So...let's get to the roundup...

Posts I Posted :   I made some cute advent calendars for myself and my sister-in-law Emily. They turned out pretty good and ours will be going up on the wall next week when I put up Christmas decorations. (For the record, I cannot believe that it's that time of year all ready.)  I reviewed a couple of fabulous books recommended by my friend Erin and added a few to the brackets. We're getting closer and closer to moving forward in the brackets...

Recipes I Used : It was a breakfast extravaganza this week. Being ever so festive, I made cranberry pancakes on Thanksgiving morning. They weren't awful, but not impressive either. They will stay as a theme breakfast only...too sweet. Today however, was a different story. I tried my hand at making these. Holy crap you guys...literally. It was a religious experience. Bacon pancakes are awesome! I used some thick cut bacon and basic buttermilk Krusteaux mix. They were fantastic. That recipe will go into rotation.

Books I Finished : Believe it or not, I finished Sing You Home. Ugh, sorry to ruin the upcoming review, but this book so wins the worst book of the year for me. I did NOT like it. I was even more disgusted when I discovered earlier this week that it is nominated on Goodreads for best fiction of the year. Apparently some people have no taste. I have now started reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. It is not at all what I expected, but at about 100 pages in I am liking it. I am also super happy to know that I will soon be able to watch a movie about it starring Daniel Craig (my not-so-secret fantasy boyfriend...I love him). Don't judge me. He's yummy. (I think I just threw up a little in my mouth for using the word yummy.)

Projects I Finished : I have shown you the advent calendars that I made despite the adhesive debacle that ensued. I finished a few of the projects that will be revealed next weekend and I finished projects featuring a new technique that nearly got me high. Those lovely beauties will be revealed after Christmas. I also finished a couple of other Christmas presents that will be revealed in the new year. This being secretive thing is killing me.

Best Blog Post & Best Thing on the Internet : As I discussed with my friend Shalini over at Reading (and Chickens), my "to read" list has grown exponentially this week. I'm up to over 400 posts that I "need" to read. I've accomplished nothing. It's sad really. So I have nothing here to share. Don't stone me. I will find you something fun soon...

...and with that, I'm off! It's time for some quality couple time.


  1. Embrace the "mark all as read" and start anew! It's refreshing.

  2. @Shalini I took your advice and did mark some of them. It's gotten me down below 400...I consider that a success.


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