Thursday, May 22, 2014

I'm a Penelope

Alright, it's time to come clean. I am a Penelope.

And now you're scratching your head. What in the world is a Penelope? Well...basically it's a code word created by Meredith over at Penelope Loves Lists (and her sister) that reflects a certain type of personality.

A Penelope is a lister, an organizer, a storage freak. Oh's so me. I am an addict. That's right. I'm saying it. I am addicted to lists and challenges and being able to check things off those lists and challenges. I can't help myself.

My Penelope traits:

  • love lists. Seriously. They're everywhere. I have them in notebooks, on my phone, on Post-It notes, in binders. Whatever I do, I have a list for it.
  • love binders and notebooks. I have a writing notebook, a holiday decor planning notebook (this is where the pumpkin plans develop), a gift planning notebook, a blog planning binder, a project notebook, a grocery shopping binder, a household cleaning binder, the list (yes...list) goes on.
  • My idea of store love? The Container Store. Seriously. It's heaven. I'm super sad that I don't have one near me. When I lived in California, I went there all the time...even if I wasn't needing to buy anything. The Container Store is like my mecca. It soothes me. (Oh...and heaven help me, I just learned about See Jane Work. I am overcome with joy.)
  • I'm an alphabetizer. Books? Alphabetized. CDs? Alphabetized. Bookmarks at the top of my computer screen? They're alphabetized left to right and then their drop down menus are alphabetized top to bottom.
  • I organize by color. Seriously. My closet is divided by type of clothing (tank tops, t-shirts, long sleeves, sweaters, etc.) and then by color (white, pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, gray, black). The ribbon, paper, ink pads, etc. in my scrapbook room? color.
  • I love boxes and crates and cute little organizing doodads on my desks and tables. I need compartments.
Why am I telling you all of this? Because I'm adding my lists to the blog. I'm sharing my neuroses with you. You'll notice that there have slowly been new tabs popping up at the top of the page. Those are my lists. (Oh...and you'll notice that they're alphabetized. Of course.) As time goes on, there will no doubt become more of them. But for's what you have to look forward to:

  • I do a lot with books around here. I read them, I write about them, I square them off against each other in duels to the death. they're even more organized.
  • All of the books I've reviewed can now be found under the tab "Reviews". This tab will be developing over the next little while, but eventually you'll be able to see lists of my reviews by title or by author. 
  • Book of the Year books and progressions are now right at your finger tips. You can easily go to past Book of the Year challenges and see what I read and what got put in the brackets.

  • Oh there are so many things to do! We all have bucket lists...these are just a couple of ways to make mine more attainable and manageable.
  • The 101 in 1001 Challenge and 50x50 Challenge are making their debuts. 

  • I love my projects almost as much as I love my lists.
  • Projects can now be easily surfed through by category.
  • My A to Z Challenges will now have a permanent home. As I do new ones, they will be titled year, just like the BOTY Challenges.

  • There are so many fun challenges out there! I have a hard time deciding which ones to choose. So...most of the time I just pick them all. You'll notice that this list is pretty long. I sometimes do the challenges according to my own rules and schedules, but they're challenges nonetheless.
  • You'll be able to find the sign-up tab for the 2014 BOTY Bracket Challenge up there, as well as links to my progress on all of the challenges I've decided to go for.

Are you a lister? A challenge lover? How do you keep track of your progress?


  1. Awesome post! :) I'm not much of a list person, though I love challenges. I only do 1 list for the house, that's when I give my hubby a list of things to bring home from the grocery store. Other than that, I am doing a list journal for a Swap-Bot swap, which is 60 lists of anything with at least 10 things on each. I need to get started on it! :) I'm organized with things that matter. My eBooks are organized by author. I keep my group, at Swap-Bot, organized with Google Spreadsheets. With challenges, I'll usually use spreadsheets as well, if it is something big enough to need detail on

    1. I am a spreadsheet lover myself. I use one during read-a-thons to help me keep track of my progress.

  2. I'm a TOTAL list nerd over here, and I'm also a notebook fanatic too :D

    1. Ah good. I'm in good company. :)

  3. This post is pretty much swoon-worthy. :D

  4. Haha...funny. I just used the term "swoon worthy" in my post tonight.


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