Wednesday, February 12, 2014

DIY Wedding: Wedding Canopy

Let me start this post with one simple statement: I am not Jewish. In fact, though both Collin & I were raised LDS (Mormon), we are not churchgoers. However, I do believe that there are pieces of value in different cultures and religions.

In the Jewish faith, couples are married under a chuppah. The chuppah is a four posted wedding canopy draped in fabric that is used to symbolize the home that the couple will build together. It's beautifully symbolic.

And so I made my own way. It isn't technically a chuppah, since the fabric isn't stretched fully over the top, but that's where the idea started.

And this is where it finished.

©Broken H Photography
I got my version of the idea from something I found on Pinterest. A photo with no home. I'd love to give credit to whoever came up with this idea, but I have no source.

This is where the downside of Pinterest comes in. Because of all the wonderful projects floating around, six paned windows have become very popular. They are impossible to find in thrift stores. But...I lucked upon some frosted glass cabinet doors at my local ReStore. They cost me $2 each.

©Broken H Photography
I sanded them, painted them antique white, and distressed them. Collin drilled some holes in the corners and I hung them from the garden trellis that my mother found at Tai Pan Trading with some jute.

©Broken H Photography
The base of the trellis was stuck into a couple of flower pots that came from my parents' deck. They added a wonderful bit of color to the base.

©Broken H Photography
Across the top, I draped ivory organza that I got for 40% off at Hobby Lobby. I'm all about the deals. I finished it off by tying on some of the kusudama balls (origami flower balls) that I made and framed them with one purple and one tea-stained flower on each side. (I'll teach you how to make them in another post.)

And under our newly constructed symbolic home, we started the journey to our happily ever after.

©Broken H Photography


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