Wednesday, July 3, 2013

2013 Summer Lovin' Read-a-Thon: Tears on My Pillow

I'm still going strong on the 2013 Summer Lovin' Read-a-Thon hosted by the Pink Ladies over at Read-a-Thon Central. I'm more than half way through my second book. I foresee myself catching up on my Goodreads 2013 Reading Challenge goal. Yay!

Darian is finding the read-a-thon a little more challenging. He is still doing his reading before bedtime (something we started when he was in first grade), but he seems to be having difficulty tearing himself away from video games and legos during the majority of the day. (Oh, to be eleven and have a summer break again.) I have to say though, he's still impressing me with his love of reading. We've been talking a lot about books and reading over the last few days and it's good to know that he's still enjoying it.

Today's participation post is all about those tear jerkers...what books make you cry?
I'm a bit of an emotional reader I suppose. Laughing, crying, heck I've even been tempted to chuck a book or two across the room out of irritation with a character or pivotal plot point. In fact, I believe there has been swearing out loud more than once. (Most recently I recall it happening when I read Clockwork Angel, not knowing it was part of a series. Not only did I get sucked in before I realized that, I also managed to finish the book without Clockwork Princess having been released yet. That was not a happy evening.)

I have been known to cry over an unrequitted love story or when a character I love falls seriously ill, loses a loved one, or dies. I tend to get a little emotional with books. (This may also have something to do with the fact that I typically do the majority of my reading late at night after long days at work.)

Rather than singling out one particular book that made me bawl like a baby, I figured that I would share a few options if you're looking for a good cry session.

(All book photos sourced from

Adult Fiction

A story about adoption from multiple perspectives and a heartbreaking story about the effects of Alzheimer's.

Chick Lit

A child given up for adoption, a fairy tale type love story that spans decades (one of my all time favorites), and an orphaned child.

Historical Fiction

Both WWII based novels, one based on the Holocaust and the other on Japanese internment.


A crazy, but lovable dog and the Holocaust tale of Oskar Schindler.

YA Fiction

Obviously my post popular tear-jerking orphaned child, a terminal illness, another orphaned child (why do I keep finding this genre?), a teen suicide, and a boy and his dogs.

And there you have it...a nice batch of emotionally purging literature. (I don't recommend reading these books back to back unless you don't mind just feeling drained. Pick yourself up with a nice Tina Fey or Jenny Lawson in between.)



  1. I think Schindler's List would just tear me to pieces if I read it. I read Night by Elie Wiesel and it was already something that left me pretty dang torn up inside already.

  2. Reading all those back to back *would* be a lot of crying! "Where the Red Fern Grows" was one of my favorite books & movies growing up. Love it :-)

    Here’s my Tears on My Pillow post

  3. I remember Schindler's List and I cried alot. "Where the Red Fern Grows" was so sad and lovely. I enjoyed your post today.

  4. I am a bit of an emotional reader myself. The pics of those babes in tears is making my heart swell. Great list of tear jerkers.

  5. I've only read The Fault in Our Stars and Where the Red Fern Grows, but both are ones I definitely cried over... I was a mess during The Fault in Our Stars especially. ;_;

    I really really want to read If I Stay and Thirteen Reasons Why, though. They both sound really moving.


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