Monday, June 17, 2013

Oh 2013, You Are a Fiesty One

So...did you wonder where I'd gone? Figure me for dead? Think I'd gotten lost in the candy cane forest or drowned in the sea of swirly, twirly gumdrops? Nope. Still here. Just being eaten alive by this beast that is 2013.

I miss crafting. Seriously. It's killing me. But I've been so exhausted by the time I get home and get the stuff done around here that has to be done (my family apparently thinks eating should be a daily thing and that clean underwear should not just be a luxury) that next to nothing has been happening on this end for WAY. TO. LONG. It's sad, really.

I'm was sitting here thinking that it would be seriously nice for the rest of the year just to be easygoing after the last six months, but then I realized that brother is getting married in two months and...oh, I'm getting married in three. Crap. So much for slowing down.

Thus far this year, we've logged the following events:

1. The loss of our Lab/Chow mix, Harley after several weeks of unknown illness and several vet visits.
2. ACL surgery for our Anatolian Shepherd, Piper.
3. A legal battle with my business landlord which resulted in me settling to terminate my lease.
4. Tracking down a new location for the office.
5. Having the initial chosen location for the office fall through after countless hours of work on negotiations and needing to go with my second choice two weeks before I needed to be out of the other location.
6. Moving the another city.
7. New puppy (who chews everything).
8. Graduating 5th grader, who failed to mention the date of his graduation...until the morning OF the event.
9. Flood in the basement resulting in the need for completely new flooring.
10. Vet visit for Piper culminating in the diagnosis of the need for ACL surgery on her other hind leg (to be scheduled in about 2 weeks).
11. Dead air conditioner in the upstairs.

Oh...and everything from #3 down has occurred since April. I've spent every weekend since the first week of May at the new office getting things done or off running errands for the office.

And that wedding in September? The one I'm actually, you know, in? I haven't done one spot of preparation for it. That's right...none. It won't really be that elaborate of an affair, but you know...a location and say a dress might be a good idea. And we should probably invite people somehow. I should probably get on that. Yay for fun.

So...ha ha, 2013. You're hilarious. Thanks for sharing so much fun with me. Perhaps the Friday the 13th wedding date we have planned will be more interesting than we think...

I think I do have things at the office a little better managed though, so that should calm down. We also have Carole coming into town this week and she's decided to help us whip this house back into shape now that she's nearly finished the FIFTY home improvement projects that she planned for herself this summer (the woman is on fire). Who knows, maybe a blog post or two will come out of the list of fun we create...we'll see what happens.

Either way, I HAVE to start doing something with myself. I did a scrapbook day a couple of weeks back and it was lovely. I actually accomplished some Project Life and it was great. I will be setting aside some time here and there to do some crafting...and blogging. Period. Executive decision.

Stay tuned.

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  1. I'm sorry that 2013 has been such an ass-hat to you, but I'm thrilled to see you back in the blogging world. I do miss following your projects and book suggestions! Welcome back and good luck with the craziness of the coming months. (If you need to hide out on another continent at any point, just let me know!)


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