Monday, February 4, 2013

Mondays Should Be National Holidays

I've decided that nothing good comes of Mondays. In order to alleviate the bologna (boloney?) that we all seem to go through on any given Monday, I vote that we create a permanent Monday holiday. I know that I would've been much happier to sit on my couch and be lazy today. How about you? it goes with Mondays, I had grand plans for the blog. In fact, I had more than one plan. But I'm scrapping them both for today. Why? Well...because my body has decided to revolt and that all excess fluids should be removed from my head by either allowing them to dribble slowly down my nostrils or become aerosolized for everyone's enjoyment. Yup. Apparently, going out every morning at 2 a.m. in my pajamas and cute sparkly black flip flops to let the dog go to the bathroom has resulted in my acquisition of a cold. Boo. Thus, I will be a lazy blog poster.

However, I will give you a few happy thoughts.

1. Maggie over at Padded Cell Confessions, who I've been reading for over a year, posted the other day about her conversation with her husband regarding the ability of guinea pigs to pull a human in a cart. Yup, you read correctly. Maggie's just awesome that way. I'm convinced that if we lived closer that we would be good friends and hang out all the time. But...oceans have a way of wrecking things. Anywho...You know those odd things that your brain comes up with right before you fall asleep? nerdiness has come through. So, I will be posting my mathematical calculations in a blog post this week for my official answer. sucked me in Maggie.

2. I've almost made it to my 2012 BOTY declaration. In fact...I am so determined to get there that I will be posting it by the end of the week, regardless of how many reviews from 2012 I have remaining. Them's just how the chips fall. (That and the fact that I really need a break from book reviews so that I can start crafting again.)

3. Darian says that he too will be doing up his bracket in the next few you'll get his 2012 BOTY as well.

4. My Etsy shop will be opening here in the next week or two. I had a small delay due to the doggy drama over here and his need to be constantly babysat (he cannot go upstairs). But...the crafting will resume and I will hopefully have projects ready for display soon!

And that's it. That's all the happy thoughts I have. In fact, that may be all the thoughts I have at all. The congestion is worming it's way into my brain and everything is getting nice and fuzzy. Oh...and we're out of Nyquil. Damn you, Monday.

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  1. I am really looking forward to your math calculations as my answer of 40 was basically a compromise with my husband and I think it should be way more! I also can't wait to see your new craft stuff!
    Hope you feel better soon!
    (and you are totally right, we would hang out all the time if we lived near each other!)


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