Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Semi-Wordless Wednesday

So I forgot all about it in yesterday's post, but I meant to talk about next year's book plan. I've really enjoyed this challenge so I'm going to renew it for next year, upping the number of books for the goal and building a true bracket (no more groups of five). I'll be posting each book individually with a synopsis and a review. Also, Darian has decided to join in on the challenge. He's going to set a book goal for himself (we're thinking we'll have him aim for about 32 books in the year) and then he'll review his own books as guest posts and do his own bracket. These posts will be paired with my book posts whenever possible. At 9 years old he's started to get really excited about reading so it will be a good challenge for him. Plus, I guarantee you there will be some entertaining reviews.

Now on with the show. I promised you a surprise and I'm definitely going to deliver. I mentioned a few days ago on my Twitter feed that I ate Poptarts for breakfast and "tipped my hat to Nyan Cat". My brother replied to this with the statement that I needed to dress one of the cats as Nyan Cat for Halloween. This was a demand, not a request. Well...I figured why's the result.

I picked Jasper because frankly he's the only one that would tolerate this kind of crap. As I sit writing this post he's laying next to the chair with his costume on. He's totally unfazed. This cat is awesome.

And for those of you not familiar with Nyan Cat, a little video education:

1 comment:

  1. Jasper is gorgeous, and knows he's a special guy! How did you make the poptart part?

    I look forward to reading all the book reviews!


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