Friday, April 4, 2014

"D" is for Dress

Are you keeping track? The A-to-Z Challenge is now up to D...

...and D is for...Dress!

That's's the second BSU themed project of the A-to-Z Challenge. I told you we love Boise State around here.

I was on a bit of a tulle kick a while back, so I was working with a lot of it. I got it in my head that I needed to make some skirts with tulle underskirts. The idea developed from there. With two small nieces at the time (I'm now up to three nieces and an awesome nephew), I thought it might be a cute little outfit for them to wear.

These were a little challenging to make, but it was still fun. It's one of those projects where I'd probably get better at it over time.

I started with the skirt portion. I had each girl's mom measure their waists for me. That helped me make my starting pattern. I used a width just slightly larger (~2-3") than their measurements (use 1/2 of the total waist measurement) to allow for some wiggle room and growth, and then fanned it out to a trapezoid. Easy pattern.

I doubled over the fabric and cut out my pattern, using the fold as one of the edges so that I would only have one seam. I folded the bottom up about 1/2", pinned, and sewed the hem for the bottom of the skirt.

For the top, I folded a little larger to accommodate my elastic, and sewed the top, leaving the last 2" of fabric unsewn to let me insert the elastic later.

I then sewed the other side edges together to form the basic shape of the skirt. (In hindsight, it would've been easier if I waited to sew the edges together until after I put the elastic through. Oh still worked.)

I measured out enough elastic to match the girls' current measurements.

I then attached a safety pin to one end and threaded it through the opening in my top seam. I pulled it all the way around so that the two edges were side by side.

I then sewed the two edges of the elastic together and sewed the top seam closed.

Then it was time to make the tulle edge of the skirt. I decided on just the tulle edging so that the underside of the skirt wouldn't be scratchy to their legs or require a slip. Sometimes less is more.

I folded the tulle over on itself about 3-4 times. I then ran it through my sewing machine at 2" intervals. I used a basting stitch to give it a little bit of a ruffle.

I cut this into strips...

...and sewed the strips together to form a nice long chain of tulle.

Pin the tulle around the edge of the skirt. Sew and cut.

Skirt portion finished!

Then it was time for the top half. I bought a couple of plain white shirts to go with the skirts. I washed them to get all of the shrinking out of the way and then chopped a little bit of the bottom off (about 1 1/2") so that the top wouldn't be bunchy in the torso.

I flipped the shirt inside out and pinned it to the inside out skirt. Then I sewed the two pieces together.

For a finishing touch, I added a BSU iron on logo to the center of the shirt.

I made one short sleeve and one long sleeve simply because that was what I could find in their sizes. For some reason, plain white t-shirts were really hard to find at that point. I just have that kind of luck...

But now the girls are all set for game days! Go Broncos!

Thanks to all of you stopping by from A-to-Z Challenge! I love new readers. Make sure to leave me a comment below so that I can return the favor by visiting you. 


  1. Cute little project! I made a t-shirt + skirt dress a loooong time ago for one of my girls. Forgot about that until now!

    1. This one was a challenge. I learned a few things along the way. I guess that's the good thing about trying something learn from it.

  2. So cute. I think plain white tshirts for girls are hard to find at any time.

    1. Thanks! I'm glad the shopping problem isn't just me...

  3. BSU is lucky to have you as a fan.

    1. Yes...we're slightly obsessed around here. :)

  4. You are very creative. And love Boise State!

    1. Thank you! Sometimes the creativity is questionable. And we do love our BSU. It's contagious. :)

  5. This is really cute! At first I thought this was an adult size, and I was waiting to see a picture of you in it...hehe. I quickly realized that it was for a child. Great idea!

    1. Thanks!'ll never see me modeling something on here...I hate having my picture taken. That's why I always make things to fit other family members (it's not an accident). :)


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