Thursday, April 19, 2018

The Gilmore Project

I've been struggling with needing something different around here...having found myself growing bored of my own posts about books. (Whoa...That's never a good sign.) I just needed more variety and something a bit more substantial than spouting what feels like occasionally monotonous and repetitive evaluations that don't always have a full sense of heart behind them. There are good book bloggers and bad book bloggers and I have slumped into the latter category.

Crafts really haven't been an option of late since we're slowly remodeling the house and have yet to really unpack that category of stuff into an organized and permanent space. So there's been a bit of limbo about what in the world I would write about. Thus, instead of crafting or writing, (and since I'm ridiculously pregnant and uncomfortable), I've been spending a lot of time on the internet reading other blogs or just hanging out on the couch. I'm not going to lie...that can become somewhat boring.

It gets a bit eerily quiet in the house sometimes, so I've been spending B's naptime running Netflix in the background while I get the house cleaned or just relax for a few minutes. A couple of months ago, I decided to rewatch one of my favorite series, Gilmore Girls, for what has to be at least the sixth full run.

I finished rewatching a little over a month ago. This time through, I found myself noticing new things and seeing the episodes and characters in a different light. Now...full disclosure, I always find something new when I watch. For those who haven't watched the show before, the episodes are FULL of clever references to books, music, pop culture, and other little sly bits of information. But this was different. I started noticing how some things paralleled to my own life. I started reflecting on those little clever references. I started seeing the storylines from different points of view. And I decided...maybe this might be something a little interesting to write about. There may have been a small epiphany type feeling.

And so...I'm beginning what I'm calling The Gilmore Project. It's an experiment and hopefully will result in a good blogging adventure. I'll be going episode by episode through all seven regular seasons as well as the Year in the Life episodes released by Netflix in late 2016. As I sift through the plot of each episode, I'll reflect on different pieces. In some cases, I may explain how events from a particular character's experience parallel to my own life. Sometimes I may simply reflect on how the music used in the episode reminds me of certain things. Or I may muse on specific references used in the plot with regard to literature, historical events, music, or pop culture. Sometimes there's bound to be a lot to unpack, so there's a chance that an episode may prompt more than one post. To put it bluntly, I'll be winging as I go.

I'm finding myself both excited and nervous about this project. It's something different than I've ever really done before...especially on the blog, in a public way. There's bound to be some pretty personal reflections and there may be things that I feel somewhat uncomfortable writing about. But I feel like I need to explore my writing in a different way and I need to do something new. I've been stagnant around here for too long and I don't yet have the ability to fully return to craft projects (though this may change by mid-fall if the summer goes as planned). This really is a true experiment. won't be interesting for everyone, but it should be a fun exercise if nothing else. A good way to reflect on events, thoughts, and other random bits.


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