Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Summer Library Challenge Read-a-Thon: Day 2

Another day with multiple blog posts planned and it was my shortest reading day of the week. Work was busy and long and I had things to get done when I got home. I meant to have this posted before I went to bed, but instead I passed out in my book. Oops. It was a long day and it just didn't happen. So it's time for another morning update instead.

Darian once again totally stomped me in the stats department. He not only read more pages and more minutes, he also managed to finish his second book. Not too shabby. He did bail out on Unicorns vs. Zombies temporarily because of a dislike for the language used in one of the short stories. I happened upon an article about the famed children's author Judy Blume stating that parents worry too much about what their kids read and that the kids will self-censor if it is beyond their development or cognitive abilities. Funny to see her exact theory exemplified in my kid on the same day.

Being an avid reader myself, I really haven't been to concerned about what books Darian chooses. I'm just happy that he reads. I do try and push him to try new things, but I trust that he'll choose books that are appropriate and if he doesn't, well then I guess it's a learning experience for him. I never had any problems with the books I chose as a kid, so it's never really been a source of worry. When it came to Unicorns vs. Zombies, I was a little surprised that the profanity offended him. I actually laughed about it a little bit. In the end, I talked him into either skipping that short story and moving on to the rest of the book or just toughing it out and pushing through. I hate to see him give up on a book that he was so excited about. We'll see what happens, he's going to try it again today.

As for me, I'm not sure if I'm liking Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister or not. It's getting better as I go, but it's a bit different. We'll see...

Here's where we were at the end of Day 2...

Elle's Current Stats 

Currently Reading:

Minutes Read Today: 2 hours 28 minutes (148 minutes)

Total Time Read: 6 hours 1 minutes(361 minutes)

Goal: 24 hours (1440 minutes).

Pages Read Today: 118

Total Pages Read: 352

Goal: 1600 pages.

Books Finished Today: 0

Total Books Finished: 1

Goal: 6 books.

Darian's Current Stats 

Minutes Read Today: 5 hours 20 minutes (320 minutes)

Total Time Read: 13 hours 19 minutes. (799 minutes)

Goal: 1100 minutes

Pages Read Today: 273

Total Pages Read: 414

Goal: 1200 pages.

Books Finished Today: 1

Total Books Finished: 2

Goal: 4 books.

I'll have a chance to get caught up a bit today. Since it's a shorter day at work, I'll have the afternoon available to do some serious reading. We're doing family movie night tonight, so that will cut in slightly, but it's totally worth it. Darian's been giving me and Collin a hard time that we haven't seen Brave even though we've owned it for like six months. It's time to get rid of that problem. :)

Next task...getting today's update posted before I fall asleep. We'll see how I do...


  1. Looks like Darian won this round! Haha.

    1. Oh, he's totally kicking my butt. I'll catch up with him some on the weekend though. He falls asleep much earlier than I do. He struggles to keep his eyes open later than about 11. That's the only chance I have at passing him in the time department. :)

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  3. Congrats on letting him decide on the books. That's parenting done right. I applaud you so much. I was raised really strict. It wasn't allowed to think, read, listen, watch and so on anything for myself. Everything was chosen and done for me, well past the time when it was healthy. I was miserable. It's only be in the last 10 years that I've actually made my own choices and become more "me" instead of a clone of her. Darian (forgive me, I misspelled his name in my first post) will grow into a wonderful young man, having the choice to learn what he likes, and dislikes, on his own. Congrats!

    1. He's a good kid. We've been pretty lucky. Sounds like you had a rough time growing up. Glad that you were able to figure out things for yourself and have a life that suits you. Sometimes little freedoms can be big ones when we haven't had them before.

  4. My mom always let me read whatever and I'm thankful for that. I know that I'm mature enough to handle the content in the books I read.

    1. My parents did the same. I think that was part of just allowing me to be an exploratory reader. I wasn't afraid of books.


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