Monday, December 3, 2012

It's Officially December! 21 Days to Get These Projects Done!

It's been a busy weekend of crafting. I'm mildly pooped. But...I have gotten quite a bit done and it's feeling good to know that I'm far ahead of where I was last year. It's not so awesome to know that I'm taking on a bit more this year.

If you' follow the blog on Facebook, then you know that I miscounted my projects. I forgot all about the fact that I promised the girls at the office that I would make stockings this year. So...there were actually 54 projects to start with.

In addition to doing more projects this year, I also have a larger portion of "big" projects. I consider a present a "big" project if it will take me more than two full dedicated days to complete. This year...there are eight. Oh my. And I realized yesterday that one of them needs completed in time to mail. Well...I guess I know which project will be at the top of this week's list. that I finished off five more projects today, I'm going to supply you with an updated graphic of my progress and then go lay in bed with a book and a glass of wine. It's been a long few days...

That's right...I have 30 of the 54 projects complete. None of the "big" projects have been finished yet, but I have started on one of them and...according to the little calendar I set up for myself...I should be starting on four more of them before the weekend. Fingers crossed. to uncork that merlot.


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