Sunday, August 21, 2011

Picabo Mini Album (and Video!)

From this point forward on the family tour, I will be doing things a little bit differently.  How you ask? From here out each post will be completed via use of completed projects. Are you stunned? I'm fairly shocked myself.

So today's post features Picabo and the mini-album I created based on him. I have in the works similar mini-albums for the other pets.  The layouts are kept simple with only a select number of paper patterns used and minimal embellishments. I have kept the focus on the photos and the journaling. Photos have been arranged in near chronological order.'s the added bonus...I am including my first ever blog video!  Just because there are some doubters out there, I have videotaped one of Picabo's more entertaining tricks.

I am posting the pages in order as they appear in the album. In between the pages I will be adding any additional comments that may pertain. To see any page larger, just click on it.

This flushing trick is a frequent occurrence. (Thanks a lot Chad.)  The best part is when I forget to lock the bathroom door and he decides to open it, waltz in, and then flush the toilet while I'm sitting on it. No privacy what-so-ever.

Finished about four years ago, this page is the first one where I attempted reverse type in order to get the white font on a black page. Though the type turned out quite well, the cutting of the actual journal block did not.

This would be a light version of the evil eye. Tell me this doesn't look like he's thinking "well, you're just coming off as stupid"...

His newest nap spot is one I just might kill him for. He has taken to jumping up the back of the television in the living room and sleeping on the top shelf of the entertainment unit. He has very nearly broken one of the little statuettes that sits up there.

Obviously not part of the album...excuse the "pet eye". (And yes, I was watching How I Met Your Mother)

This one's a little tough to read without blowing up. Lesson text on red background...bad idea.

To make up for the difficulty reading this page and for those of you who say "No way does that cat open doors" here's the video to prove it.

Granted, this video doesn't show him bringing the stick back, but I count it lucky that we were able to pull this off in only two takes. He quickly lost interest after this shot.

Yes...there is a grammatical error in this one. I didn't find it until after the album was completed so it's just been left there as proof that we all make mistakes sometimes.

I once had a conversation with an ADT rep who apparently thought I was an idiot.  The house alarm had gone off and we received a call letting us know. The conversation went something like this:

ADT guy : Do you want me to send out the police?

Me : Well, what sensor do you show going off?

ADT guy : It looks like it says garage door.

Me : No, that's okay. We'll just head home. It's probably just the cat opening the door.

ADT guy : You mean the dog?

(Obviously he took me for some kind of waterhead. I can tell cats from dogs.)

Me : No. The cat. He does this all the time.

ADT guy : The cat? You're sure.

(Really buddy?)

Me : Yes. I'm sure. Thank you.

My mom always loves when she looks after the cats while we're gone and she gets to find Picabo's "surprises". It makes for a nice mess to clean up in the morning. I once lost an entire bag of jerky to the thief.

...and as of yesterday, his new interest - salsa. He is quite possibly the weirdest cat ever.

So there you go...a nice easy mini-album.  Once I had the pictures picked and the journaling written, I think it only took me a couple of hours to put this whole thing together.  The best part? I'm going to pretty much identically copy the layout for Jasper & Bailey's albums. I'm all about making this project thing easy...


  1. What a cute, smart CAT! And what a talented cousin I have. :)

  2. Thanks Jenna! We like having him around, it keeps us entertained.


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