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I love a challenge. And I love reading. So scouring the web for reading challenges just makes me happy inside. I keep track of all of my challenges here on the blog. And this page is where they all come together in a nice, happy home. You'll find links to all of my challenge pages below. 

So here's the deal...I'm declaring right now that I am, in fact, a Reading Challenge Addict. And (lucky for me) there happens to be a challenge for being a challenge addict. Perfect, right?

Here's the story:

"Some of us have a bit of a problem.
Some of us have a huge problem.

Cheryl from CMash Loves to Read and Gina from Hott Books are two such people.
And they are the founding mothers of the Reading Challenge Addict Blog.

Bev from My Reader's Block is one with a HUGE problem and the current author and caretaker of the Blog.

We each can stand proudly and say,

I am a Reading Challenge Addict.

So we are challenging each of you who can also say that you also are a Reading Challenge Addict."

And I am taking on that challenge! (Why wouldn't I?)

There are always new challenges to find, so the menu items attached under the "Reading Challenges" tab on my blog will tend to grow or change over time.

As I take on a reading challenge, you'll see it listed below, along with a direct link to it's particular page. Each page will spell out the terms of the challenge as well as track my progress on that challenge. Once a challenge is complete, I will tag it permanently on this page as a completed challenge.

Some challenges will be annual challenges, some are longer running. If it's an annual challenge, the title of the challenge will be accompanied by the corresponding year. If it's longer running, then it will have the sequence number attached (i.e. Freaking Long Challenge #1, Freaking Long Challenge #2, etc.).

Want to declare yourself a reading challenge addict? Head on over and sign up...

Current Challenges


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