About Me

You can call it distracted, I call it multi-tasking. I love a good project. In fact, I love a LOT of good projects. Let's call it random acts of craftiness.

I'm Elle. I have too many projects and too little time. I am a reader, writer, photographer, scrapper. A few years ago, I "retired" from my job as a practicing dentist and relocated myself. I'm now living in northern Minnesota and enjoying a quiet farm life in the middle of nowhere.

I spend the majority of my time being Mama to my two small boys (the Boy and the Baby), but I can also be found (mostly in the warmer weather) outside in the barn tending to our cows and pigs. We currently raise Belted Galloway beef cattle and purebred Berkshire pigs. If you're interested in keeping up with our shenanigans on the farm, we can be found at Crooked Tree Ranch.

I write about pretty much anything and everything...there's no telling what might end up in a post. Right now, you'll find a lot of literary related materials, but there's bound to be some farm posts, cutesy kid posts, and random projects along with way. Hang on tight, it's bound to be a semi-bumpy ride.

Have a question that just hasn't been answered? Shoot me an email at erraticprojectjunkie@gmail.com

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