Thursday, May 17, 2018

Bout of Books 22: Mid-Week Update

Bout of Books

This week is FLYING by. How is it Thursday already?

I haven't gotten any reading in today, but thus far I've done fairly well at hitting every other day. Most of my reading is getting done at bedtime thanks to my little busybody companion and the multitude of projects to accomplish around here. Some pigs have been sold, some things have been cleaned up, and some of the garden has been planted. We're making progress on the spring to-do list. Seems like there are just never enough hours in the day.

I nearly missed it, but I did manage to join in for Monday's Twitter chat. It landed right when we were having dinner, so Gary was nice enough to take over manning both the kitchen cleanup and bathing the boy while I took part. It was really nice. I'm hoping that I can find the time to make Saturday's Twitter schedule work. Gary will be working and that is usually prime living room play time, so it might be a bit crazy in here. We'll see.

I still need to get caught up with the Instagram challenges and see about participating in some mini-challenges as well. Other than the chat, I've unfortunately been a bit out of touch with the community. I'm hoping to rectify that some before the week is out. If B will take some decent naps in the next few days, I might get lucky. Of course, reading was the plan earlier this week and then I painted 1/3 of the downstairs bathroom instead. (I have an accent wall to paint and then I need to get more paint for what will be the remaining 1/3.) There may be a bit of nesting happening. 

As far as the read-a-thon goes, here's the current progress:

Currently Reading:

This is reading pretty dang quickly, but there is a small downfall. I've seen the movies and they are totally wrecking any surprise. Darn it. The upside is that I do enjoy the story.

I'm about 2/3 of the the way through, so there's decent promise that I could finish the book this evening. Fingers crossed.

Completed Books:

Me and Earl and the Dying Girl was unfortunately a disappointment. I hung in and finished it, but there were several moments when I considered a DNF. The style was just a little weird for me. I understand what he was going for, but in my just was not working. Oh well. It's bound to happen once in a while, right?

Completed Books with Brecken:

THIS is where I have really been slacking. I swear I do read to my child. This has just not been our week. Instead, we've been running ragged with errands and squeezing in small naps here and there. Before this week is out, there will be books in this section. Promise.

Overall Stats:

The good news is that there has been progress. Yay! Not all is lost...I'm starting to check off some boxes here and there.

And seems we have a cranky kiddo on our hands. I'm going to get him off to bed and then see how much I can accomplish before hitting the hay myself.

How goes your read-a-thoning?


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